Spam filter needs to be reworked to behave differently for conversations vs public content - comments/threads.


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Summary of problem:​

Someone on my forum is getting the error "Your content can not be submitted. This is likely because your content is spam-like or contains inappropriate elements. Please change your content or try again later. If you still have problems, please contact an administrator." when trying to send a message.

This is not just an Akismet problem. If the conversation message has any of the spam words in /admin.php?options/groups/spam/ that will cause it too. This is a major problem in my opinion that should be fixed ASAP.

I'm using that Spam phrases list as a "preapprove filter". If no conversation messages will go through then it makes it completely useless.

This is really surprising that it currently functions like this. I'm very curious as to how other people are managing spam and filters because to me it seems to make the spam filter and Akismet completely useless.

You're probably familiar with Reddit's automod filtering options? They seem to be much better than Xenforo's.

Possible solutions:​

Conversations need to be treated differently from public comments.

This addon gave me the idea of reporting the content instead of disallowing it.
That may be ok (though not ideal) for conversations, but spam matches for comments/threads should still be filtered to the mod queue.

Current functionality: filters public content, denies private messages.

1. The most ideal solution would be to filter (instead of deny) private messages into the mod queue, just like with public content.
2. The next best option would be to report messages and filter public content.
3. The next best would be to add a checkbox to only apply the spam filter to public content. Then we could pair that with the addon above to report PMs.
3.5. OR, create a separate spam filter for conversations.

For now, the only "solution" I see is to filter all content to the mod queue for preapproval...
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