1.1.2 what happened?


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Try checking the adminCP-> Appearance->style properties->General: Path to Images
To see if that path is correct to the images on your server


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Under Admin -> Appearance -> Style Properties -> Node Icons, ensure your settings look like this:

Image for all of the following should be:mad:imagePath/xenforo/node-sprite.png

Node Icon: Forum -> Position should be 0 0
Node Icon:Unread Forum -> Position: -36px 0
Node Icon: Page -> Position: -72px 0
Node Icon: Link -> Position: -108px 0


But its still not showing up as any thing :3 Ill try update it again, see if that work's and ill let u know


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Look for any outdated/customized templates in in the templates starting with "node_", you may just need to revert the templates that show in red.