1. digitalpoint

    Implemented Reactions as text and FontAwesome icons

    Current reaction graphics are limited to images. But what if there was an option to use a FontAwesome icon and/or Unicode text (native device support) as an option? Seems to me that it would be pretty cool.
  2. The Dark Wizard

    Fixed MaxCDN is Offline | Emojis stopped working

    Hi, https://github.com/twitter/twemoji/issues/580 Twemoji has stopped working due to MaxCDN going offline. I've tried testing it here on xenforo.com but I guess another option is being used? In ACP, the twemoji examples are also gone:
  3. Stuart Wright

    XF 2.2 Different emojis appearing in the post to the emoji selection box

    Hi, I'm creating a post using this emoji :unsure: and it's displaying as 🤔. I have Joypixels selected as my Emoji style and serving from preferred CDN, though I can't find where this is set. Unhelpfully, typing CDN in to the admin search returns nothing helpful in this regard. Why are there...
  4. K

    Disable emojis in smilie menu on Android and iOS 1.0.0

    This Add-on disables the display of emojis in smilie menu on Android and iOS. Showing emojis in smilie menu is useful on devices that usually do not have native support for selecting emojis (eg. desktop devices). It is less useful though on mobile devices powered by Android or iOS on the other...
  5. Nicolas FR

    XF 2.2 emojis tone1, tone2, tone3, etc...

    Hello, There is something i don't understand : i'm translating all emojis and i notice there is different tones for man and woman but i can't find them when i want to use them in a message, all emojis are yellow. How to activate the differents tones ? Thanks.
  6. L

    Unmaintained [EAE Add-ons] Cupid's Arrow 1.1

    Cupid's Arrow gives your members the opportunity to launch emoji "arrows" at other members. If the option is set, they may choose to launch then anonymously. The emoji members are allowed to launch at each other are set in the options for the add-on. If sent anonymously, and the target member...
  7. Chromaniac

    Not planned Update to latest third party emoji groups!

    JoyPixels 6.0 is out. Unicode 13.0 emojis have arrived. Twemoji is also updated with the new emojis I believe. I searched for a few in the smiley panel and it does not look like the new ones (boomerang for instance) are available there. Would be great if XF2.2 launch with these updates. This...
  8. Kevin

    It's 2020.... PNG or SVG files for use as emoji/smilies?

    Setting up a new site in 2020 using the most recent version of XF that supports native emoji and when possible converting native to being inline images. What file format to go with taking into account that most users are now using modern browsers that support using SVG images in img tags? SVG...
  9. D

    XF 2.1 How to allow emoji on title?

    Does anyone know how allow emoji on title?, So far I only see people asking how to remove it. thanks.
  10. JackieChun

    As designed Overlapping short codes for emojis/smileys stop working when all smileys are deleted

    The following short codes should resolve to emojis per convention established by messaging apps etc: :) ;) :D etc However, if you disable smileys in XenForo and delete all of them in the admin panel, these short codes stop working, even for newly written posts. They remain punctuation...
  11. JackieChun

    Fixed Smiley/emoji button disappears from Composer toolbar when smileys are disabled

    If you delete all smileys from the admin panel, the smiley/emoji button disappears from the toolbar. This is probably not the intended effect as that button is still needed to insert emoji into text. I tested and confirmed this by deleting all smileys, then creating a test smiley. The emoji...
  12. M

    XF 2.0 Issues changing database to utf8mb4

    I am trying to allow emojis on my forum. I have followed the instructions in the documentation for upgrading an existing installation (https://xenforo.com/xf2-docs/manual/unicode/). This is what gets output when I run the command using SSH: $ php cmd.php xf:convert-utf8mb4 Content-type...
  13. Kintaro

    Bigger emoji 💡

    Is it possibile to display bigger emojis?
  14. Kintaro

    Implemented emoji dropdown/suggestion as you write (like user mentions)

    This can really speed up writing on mobile (and desktop too). I'm thinking something like LINE app do ok that video is a little extreme! but you get the idea. Also GitHub have this feature.
  15. KaiKimera

    Unmaintained EmojiOne Smilies 2016-09-23

    Description Over 1200 SVG smiles, divided by categories: Activity (category ID = 5) Flags (category ID = 9) Food (category ID = 4) Nature (category ID = 3) Objects (category ID = 7) People (category ID = 2) Symbols (category ID = 8) Travel (category ID = 6) XML-files are divided into parts...
  16. RobinHood

    Unmaintained Mega SVG Smilies / Emoji

    Big emoji are now a thing in latest version of iMessage in iOS as well as What'sApp. Now you can have big emoji on your forum too! Inspired by MstrfBlng's SVG Basic Smilie pack I decided to check out EmojiOne, a free open source set of emoji (you just need to attribute them with a link) The...
  17. N

    XF 1.5 Emoji & Symbols in Messages

    Does xF support Emoji & Symbols in messages? Can't make them show-up at all? Is there any setting for them to show-up? Please advice. Thanks
  18. KaiKimera

    EmojiOne.com smiles

    Hello everyone! I collected all smiles from emojione.com and made XML for import into XenForo. All smileys are divided into categories: All smiles in SVG. Who needs such a collection?
  19. rafass

    Lack of interest Twemoji integration. [Emojis]

    Github: twitter/twemoji · GitHub Twitter: Twitter Emoji (Twemoji) Result: Addon requests: Add-on - Twemoji addon Click "like" ↘ to support this suggestion. .
  20. rafass

    Add-on Twemoji addon [Emojis]

    Github: twitter/twemoji · GitHub Twitter: Twitter Emoji (Twemoji) Result: -- Suggestions: Twemoji integration. [likes there]
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