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  1. Jimmy Vu

    XF 2.0 Expandable dropdown list for custom field, how?

    How can I create thread custome fields which allow drop down list in hierarchical format For example: Custom field Choose car": Audi ->then there is another dropdown list of different Audi versions. If Mercedez is chosen then the sibbling list will show Mercedez car brands Same for choosing...
  2. Wildcat Media

    XF 2.0 Custom field content in membercard?

    I had made a test modification to the membercard in XF1 which would display the contents of a custom field as the last "cell" of the membercard, and it worked out well enough. However, when I upgraded the test forum to XF2, I lost that modification. In XF2, I can't seem to find what the new...
  3. Sirmadsen

    XF 1.5 Need help with Value Display HTML in resources

    What I want is to output the value as a link depending on the choice the user makes. When uploading a file the user can make three choices via radio buttons. If the user chooses value 1 I want the output to be a link to resourse 1, if the user chooses value 2 I want the link to be to resource 2...
  4. ahm340

    Add-on thread Custom fields searchable

    Custom fields are so pointless if users can not filter/search Is it possible to find a solution ?
  5. Alpha1

    Custom fields for replies.

    Custom Thread fields have been implemented in xenforo 2. You can add ratings, date picker and all of the custom fields that XF1 has. But only this only works for the first post of a thread. Not for replies. So if you add a rating field, then only the thread starter will be able to rate...
  6. Alpha1

    Lack of interest Field edit history

    Similar to post edit history, I would like to suggest history for custom fields. In XF2 all profile fields are custom fields. Threads will have custom fields as well. There are various benefits for this: prevent data loss and destruction in case anything goes wrong easier to revert fields...
  7. Live Free

    XF 1.5 Duplicating custom field choices/values

    I am trying to create a near duplicate custom field - that is, create a new custom user field but duplicate the all of the possible values/choices of an existing through a MySQL query, rather than manually recreating the questions (due to the number of choices this would take hours). I have a...
  8. Live Free

    New member tags with custom fields and other information

    Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't believe it's possible to create a new members tab displaying specific custom fields, either with XenForo or any add-ons. If that is correct I'd like to try my hand st developing it myself. I have a number of member tab features I'd like to...
  9. Alpha1

    Custom Field Groups/Sets

    Custom fields are often used as a set/group of fields which are individually applied to the same nodes. If you need to apply a large number of fields to many nodes the current custom fields functionality becomes very difficult to use. This becomes especially apparent when an addon provides...
  10. TeacherMac

    Lookup of custom field using an external API

    One of the requirements for the site I'm creating is that you must must live in the USA and I plan to do that by requiring the user's postal zip code. When the user creates a post I want the zip code shown with the user's name and, when anyone views the post they can hover over the zip code to...
  11. Alpha1

    Import/Export Custom Fields

    If there would be functions to export and import Custom fields in the same manner as we import and export styles, bbcode, media sites, etc. then it would be much easier to add new fields and to share it with others. Would be good for the XF addon marketplace.
  12. Alpha1

    Additional custom fields

    It would be very useful to many people and developers if XF would have more custom fields. Please add more types of custom fields. For example: Star Rating selection Date Picker selection Upload file Address autocomplete with Google MAPS Pros & cons Relational fields Calculated fields...
  13. Alpha1

    Add-on Custom Fields for all content types

    It would be very useful if someone would release a custom fields addon with the following functions: Add custom fields to threads, pages, profile tabs, etc. Group custom fields to easily assign a group to a node. Add additional custom fields. For example: Star Rating selection Date Picker...
  14. R

    Check whether custom user field (really) exists? (no cache)

    (moved from a bug report) If I have an add-on which uses a custom user field, how can I check whether the field exists? array_key_exist does not really help, because it only checks the cache in this case. Without this check the field is still considered valid even when the field was in fact...
  15. rafass

    Lack of interest Add user criteria to custom fields

    I was thinking that could be useful in some scenarios add some user criteria to the custom fields. ie, like showing that field only to certain user groups.
  16. R

    As designed Custom user field deletion does not delete entry data

    When you delete a custom user field the data set by users for this field is not deleted from the database and can still be used by add-ons e.g. I doubt this is intended.
  17. Lloyd32552

    XF 1.5 Custom Fields for user's eyes only

    Before going much futher with with this, I've used custom fields in vB to store authorization codes for my software which allows users to look up their code. When importing vB into XF, those fields were populated. They are not currently showing on the Profile Page of the users and I think that...
  18. Dadparvar

    Lack of interest All custom field in Message Users and Email Users

    Hi, Now when we want to send mass PC or Email to users, we can use some tags like {name}, that will be replaced with the username of the recipient. But this will be awesome if we be able to use all custom fields as tags in our text. I have a custom add-on for sending SMS to all users and it...
  19. Chris D

    XFMG Custom Field Cache Rebuild 1.0.0

    This simple add-on has a very specific use case, which likely won't apply for most people. The use case being that if you ever manually update the values in the xengallery_field_value table, because the custom field values are cached. This add-on adds a rebuilder at Admin CP > Applications >...
  20. Alpha1

    Lack of interest Custom front end fields for RM and XF

    XenForo Custom fields allow us to add various fields that content owners can fill. For example the author of a resource can fill in the custom fields in the resource manager or the gallery. In many occasions it would be very useful to have fields that the end user can post to. i.e. Custom Front...
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