XF 2.0 Custom field content in membercard?

Wildcat Media

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I had made a test modification to the membercard in XF1 which would display the contents of a custom field as the last "cell" of the membercard, and it worked out well enough. However, when I upgraded the test forum to XF2, I lost that modification.

In XF2, I can't seem to find what the new membercard (or whatever it is called) template is named. In addition, is there a new way to access the custom field data so it can appear in the membercard?

My goal is to perhaps create a second custom field where members can choose the privacy of this extra data (provided I can figure out the mechanics of it re: permissions and such), but until then I can use a conditional to have it display for logged-in members only.

And incidentally--is there a new support article for the template conditionals like we had with XF1? That was most handy. :)