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Thread Filter by AddonsLab 3.9.2

No permission to buy ($69.99)
Compatible XF 2.x versions
  1. 2.0
  2. 2.1
  3. 2.2
Additional requirements
[AL] Core package -
Updates duration
1 year updates and support - 40 USD
Visible branding
Yes, but removable with payment
Add-On Overview

The add-on allows to filter and search threads based on Custom thread fields. The idea is to allow admins to utilize the power of custom thread fields to turn their forums into Directory, Classifieds, Shop or other types of content, for which filtering the data based on custom fields is vital.

Here is the filter with AJAX reloading of the list in action:


The controls to filter the threads are added in Filters popup in the thread list:


You can activate an off-canvas menu in mobile view which will reply the default filter forms for mobile browsers only:


Search Threads page is also enhanced to show filter controls when the forum being searched currently has custom fields associated with it:


Each field can be configured separately to be shown in the filter list and/or in the search form:


Choice fields can be configured to be shown in the forms using Check boxes and Multiple-choice drop down (allow searching/filtering by multiple values) or Drop down selection/Radio buttons (allow searching/filtering only by single value).


Date fields and numeric fields are shown as interval inputs (from... to...) where both fields are optional, so it is possible to search any values higher/lower than the defined values or in some particular interval.

Color fields are also supported and color similarity algorithm is implemented. All items with visually similar colors are found and listed. An example search listing threads filtered by color similarity can be seen here The index of color similarity is configurable and can be set from product's options page:

Text fields are searched and indexed just like thread text itself. Full-text search is executed with fuzzy matching, meaning the phrase searched does not have to be in exactly the same order as in the query.

Thread list shows all active filters. Clicking each filter will remove the field and re-run the search with the remaining filters:


The product allows moving the filters from the default location in a popup to the sidebar on forum pages. The setting can be configured globally or for each forum.


Xenforo Enhanced Search and Elastic Search support

The add-on has special support for Enhanced Search add-on with Elasticsearch back-end. Custom field information is indexed as separate content type in Elasticsearch. A high-performance algorithm is implemented to filter millions of records and show only threads matching filter criteria. Custom fields are searched only once, and the result is cached for subsequent pages. Even though the product performs completely fine without Enhanced Search add-on, it is highly recommended to use this add-on and Elasticsearch on large databases (the performance of MySQL-based engine can be tested on our demo board at with more than 150k threads having in total more than 1 million custom field values).

Faceted search and location filter -

Location custom field
You are eligible for a free license of Location custom field add-on if you purchase any of our Filter add-ons.

Sortable custom field options
Our add-on at Sort Field Options for XenForo 2.x allows admins to sort custom field options when they create/edit the field in Admin Panel. The order in admin panel affects the order in which the options are shown to the users on add/edit thread form as well as in the filters. The add-on costs $20.00 USD but it is a free module we provide with every license of Thread Fitler. Feel free to contact us if you need a license and we will assign it to your account immediately.


Add-on costs $69.99 USD that includes one year of support and updates with permanent access to product versions released in license validity period. Yearly extension costs $40.00 USD

The add-on has a visible branding with a link to our website which can be removed for additional $30.00 USD payment.

Trial Version

We offer seven days free trial version on our website. No credit card is required, the service is approved automatically upon registration and confirmation of order.

IonCube Loader and PHP 5.6+ version are required to run trial version of the product. The full version does not have such requirement and does not have any encoded code in it.


The product is active on our forums at and can be tested at

Registered user accounts
Username: user1
Password: userpass

Username: user2
Password: userpass

Admin account
Username: admin1
Password: adminpass

Licensing Information

You will get a License Key upon purchase/trial subscription, which will be available in My Services page at

The key should be entered in product's Options page in XenForo Admin Panel. Once entered and saved you will see full details about your current license status. The key can be used only on one board and one server, so if you move the board you need to Reissue the license in My Services page.

The product does not include any callbacks, that execute on page load time on front-end or via cron jobs. License check is done only when you edit/save product's options or upgrade the product to the next version.

We require valid XenForo license to purchase the product. You will be asked for XenForo License validation information during the purchase.

Full details at


Support will be provided in the Discussion Thread at and in our Support System at

Feel free to contact us with any issues you find in the product or any suggestions.

Check out our free and paid XenForo add-ons in our Marketplace at
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Latest updates

  1. Bug-fix: keywords missing when there are custom fields in a forum

    The release fixes a bug causing the Keywords filter not to work if there are no custom fields...
  2. PHP error bug-fix

    This version fixes the following PHP error when rebuilding thread fields: ErrorException...
  3. Maintenance release

    This release updates requirements to the latest version of the Filter Framework, which resolves...

Latest reviews

@themehouse I threw a ticket at the themehouse. do we connect with ftp information in the site for settings or with config.php information? I still couldn't connect for the setting
Hello, it seems this has been posted by mistake, please make sure to contact the correct developer. Thank you!
This developer created a custom add-on for me based on several of his standard add-ons. Long story short, just awesome.

This is (imo) one of the few developers that is really top notch. And that can be seen in support. Questions are answered fast and thorough.

I am really impressed by the work he created and the support given.
Thank you for the feedback!
Granted I only have this installed on our test forum currently, but I couldn't wait to leave it a glowing review! Fantastic options abound, this is absolutely perfect for our classifieds forums. Being able to search by price range, priceless :) Developer seems to respond super quick to any suggestions or bugs posted. Can't wait to play with it more and get it live.
Thank you for the feedback! We hope you will like the upcoming features that especially improve classifieds-type experience (filtering by address within some range from an address, faceted search etc.)
Easy to install and use. Does everything it promises and if it doesn't the developers add it for you. Fast and helpful support. This applies to many of their other addons too!
With this addon your forum will be much more useable for your users.
I have tested the trial version today and I have to say this works quite will after you get the hang of things. I do like that you can sort or not sort by forum. Not sure I'm going to stay with this software but if I do, I will def buy this add-on. Great job! Oh and thank you for your help with install. Really appreciate it. Excellent must have if you are using custom threads. :)
This works incredibly well. I really appreciate the fact that they keep adding new features. Keep up the great work guys!
Thank you for the feedback!
This addon fills an important gap in forums, as nowadays a forum can only survive if you have content. And for that you need to save the content (information) in a suitable way and specially make the access of finding the information easy as possible (in this case custom thread fields and their filters). This addon is very useful to create and maintain content, as you can turn your forum threads into a directory/database/classifieds/library etc. The developer of this product is very open to suggestions and enhancements from the beginning and is actively implementing new features to enhance the product. Also when the dev gives an estimated time to fix a problem, he keeps his promises (usually in 24 hours). Excellent support, very communicative, you can reach him every day. Also in my case he fixed a problem which is not a bug from this addon but more so the way XF is built, and still he provided a fix so people with thousands of field choices can use this addon. Thank you for this great product and support!
Thank you for the feedback!
Very impressed by AddonsLab. The functionality provided to our forum by this plugin is definitely worth what we paid. More-so, we encountered a back-end issue (error by this add-on affecting SEO rather than the user) and AddonsLab updated the add-on here with a fix in under an hour.
Thank you for the feedback!
Very handy addon to have for a variety of reasons. Using it for a custom sorting of the thread list in a specific forum on a current project and it does exactly what is needed.
Thank you for the feedback!
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