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It would be very useful to many people and developers if XF would have more custom fields. Please add more types of custom fields. For example:
  • Star Rating selection
  • Date Picker selection
  • Upload file
  • Address autocomplete with Google MAPS
  • Pros & cons
  • Relational fields
  • Calculated fields
  • Conditional Fields
  • Yes/No Radio buttons
  • Rating scales / likert
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I guess, date picker would be a very very nice addition. I have few custom date fields which I had to design using text input and many of my members really hate that. It'll also be useful in ensuring same date formats across the board.
Date picker and rating are in XF2. :)
I hope to see the fields below as well. As it may not be obvious to everyone what those are I have added an explanation:
  • Address autocomplete with Google MAPS
    This will make it easier for members to fill in locations, or any place where a location is desired.
  • Pros & cons
    A simple listing of a number of values Pro's and Con's. Here is one implementation:
  • Conditional Fields
    Only show field if a criteria is true. Similar to how you set notices to display based upon criteria.
  • Likert scales. This is very similar to a rating field:
  • Calculated fields
    Example 1: calculate the average of all rating fields on a page.
    Example 2: calculate the duration between 2 date fields.
  • Relational fields
    Link the fields on pages or nodes and reuse the value of fields. If the value of field 1 changes, then the value of field 2 changes accordingly. You would be able to create a relational link between nodes, and you could opt to show which relational fields link to the node.
    Example: Say you had a node to list actors, and a node to list movies, and you created a relational link on the actors node to fields that show which movies they star in; now when viewing the actors field on the movie page, it will show you a list of the actors.
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Really hoping they add a File Upload option as a custom field. I have a couple of plugins I could really use this with.
Yes, this would be very useful. I have encountered many instances where this was needed or where a developer wanted to implement it but had no core function for it.
Attachments in XenForo core is a repeater field in fact - one entity with many values inside, with additional fields and helper functions. So this may be an addon, entity-based...
And sometimes forum fields may be useful. Simple example - standart forum description is very simple and cannot be actively used - because using it in some templates, tooltips etc. Adding rich-editor field to forum entity can help us create "rich forum description" with images, bbcodes etc, and show it at example on top of this forum view and threads inside this forum, simply calling it from template.
Haven't seen this suggestion earlier. In my opinion the additional custom fields could be a game changer for XF. Definitly a +1 on this one! (y)
So I'm filling in Custom Fields to add a car

From a dropdown called Make I choose Ford

Ideally, this populates the Model dropdown field with only ford cars so when clicked I have only these options to choose from


This would be awesome
Dependent custom fields would be awesome. Would love if that functionality trickles down into some of the add-ons.
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