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Custom fields are often used as a set/group of fields which are individually applied to the same nodes.
If you need to apply a large number of fields to many nodes the current custom fields functionality becomes very difficult to use.
This becomes especially apparent when an addon provides custom fields.

I have made various requests for more custom fields types and functionality. If custom fields will be more advanced in XF2 then these will be used more.

Imagine 200 custom fields that need to be applied to a large number of nodes in different ways. With the current functionality this is extremely hard to do and close to impossible to keep track.
There is a simple solution: Add Custom Fields to groups in the same way as Prefixes are added to prefix groups. Then apply Field Groups to nodes.
It would be much simpler to add 20 Field Groups to nodes than 200 fields individually.

Please consider to implement a way to make Custom Fields easier to manage.
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I migrated my big board in February this year. Setting up hundreds of custom fields in XF addons proved to be a daunting task and I am sure I have made mistakes. Its practically impossible to set up fields for hundreds of nodes and get it right.

Every field needs to be set for every node in a miniscule category selection screen by holding [Ctrl] and clicking each category. Its so extremely easy to click wrong and loose selections.

And since it concerns hundreds of fields in many hundreds of nodes, the likelihood of error is high and the likelihood of discovery is close to zero.
I find this really a large step back from vbulletin 3 were we can just apply field groups to nodes. The current approach doesn't scale and is really unfriendly to work with.
I hope that this can be fixed in XF2.
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