1. D

    XF 2.0 Category background and text color

    How to change the category background color and the color of the text/link? Thx!
  2. D

    Lack of interest URL portion

    Hi, Noticed if we add URL portion to our forums it works great but it wont let us add URL portion to category. So if our category is named General it would put it as #general.1 instead of a custom URL portion as it #general Thanks
  3. Ozzy47

    Unmaintained [HA] Categories Slider 1.1.2

    BUYER BEWARE!!! This addon is unmaintained, no support is offered with this any longer. Hi, With this add-on you can easily add slider to each category of forums in your xenforo. Each category can be fully customize too. (as a live demo, I added slider to one of categories on xen-pro) Main...
  4. Ozzy47

    Unmaintained [HA] XFRM Categories Layouts 1.6.0

    PLEASE BEWARE!!! This addon is unmaintained, no support is offered with this any longer. Hi, With this add-on, you can show XFRM Categories in a very new and attractive way. Features: Complete Style Properties to Customize every aspects Icon Chooser (Font Awesome + Glyphicon) Image Uploader...
  5. Rustywasp

    XF 1.5 Different/Individual Images for each Node Category Title

    So I'd like to be able to set an individual image for each category on the forum. As right now to set an image at all, you need to set it for all of them. Which I do not want. So is there a way to separate them into individual css classes so that I can edit them individually?
  6. Apodictive

    XF 1.5 Show all child threads in parent category?

    I am new to the admin/owner side of XF, so if this seems like it's a basic question then you'll understand. ;) I am currently building my forum and want to have all threads created in the child forums to be shown in the parent category below the actual forum nodes. Basically an aggregate of...
  7. BassMan

    Unmaintained [cXF] Category description on hover 1.0.0

    Customize category description to get this: See it live on
  8. BassMan

    Unmaintained [cXF] Multi Coloured Category Nodes 1.0.0

    Customize it to get something like this: See it live on
  9. A

    Presale: Search Question and Category/Tags

    Hi Guys, Still deciding/planning before I make a purchase and could use some help... I'm hoping to create a forum for my city Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, but I also would like to make it province-wide in case it gets busy in the future. Other cities might include: Calgary, Lethbridge, Grand...
  10. KenBrace

    XF 1.5 Changing the color of an individual category strip?

    I'm creating a category in my forum that will be seen by members only so I want it to stand out from among the rest. A good way to do this would be to change the color of that particular strip. Any idea how to do this?
  11. Dadparvar

    MG 1.1 Rss for XFMG and its albums and categories

    Hi, Is there any RSS for XFMG? I can't find it. Also does each category or album have RSS for itself too? Regards, Hamed
  12. hollosch

    MG 1.1 category as navigation

    Hi, is it possible to use a MG category as navigation (like in the forums)? Example: There is a category named 2015. This (navigation-) category has 12 sub-categories, like january, february, etc... Now the 12 subcategories are filled with pictures. When clicking on the category 2015 -...
  13. XFA

    [XFA] Forum Statistics 2.4.1

    Description This add-on allows you to display different statistics on a specific set of pages of your forum, regarding the forum, the tags, the user activities, the resource manager and the media gallery. You can place each block individually in the right column or left and finely select which...
  14. istanbulzoom

    XF 1.5 How to change the title font of specific categories

    Hello everyone. I searched this on the web but can't find a clear solution. I want to change one of my categories' font to a webfont. My webfont ready but I don't know which class I should use for categories. Can anyone help me in this case?
  15. Dadparvar

    XF 1.5 How to change a Forum to Category

    Hi, I have this structure in my forum: Category1 -Forum1 --Sub-Forum1 --Sub-Forum2 -Forum2 --Sub-Forum1 --Sub-Forum2 ... Now, I want to change Forum1 and Forum2 to Category and Sub-Forums to Forums. So, the result will be: Category1 -Category1 --Forum1 --Forum2 -Category2 --Forum1 --Forum2 ...
  16. erich37

    Lack of interest RM: Show "Latest Reviews" for "Child Categories"

    in the RM when clicking e.g.: on the Category named "Add-ons" here: Add-ons | XenForo Community ... then the "Latest Reviews" in the Left-Sidebar disappears. Suggestion: Show the "Latest Reviews" of that specific Category. This would be nice, since it would show the "Latest Reviews" for each...
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