Presale: Search Question and Category/Tags


Hi Guys,
Still deciding/planning before I make a purchase and could use some help...

I'm hoping to create a forum for my city Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, but I also would like to make it province-wide in case it gets busy in the future.

Other cities might include: Calgary, Lethbridge, Grand Prairie, Medicine Hat, etc.....

My Topics categories could be:


General Discussions


Advice / Health

Sex, Sexuality, Gender, Identity

Online Classifieds

I'm also hoping to use Nobita Social Groups
Help me with these thoughts:

With that in place, I'm thinking one option would be to use the topics as a universal category template, but I'm not exactly sure how to differentiate between "by City post" the proper way, or if there is a better way that would be search/organization friendly.

I could definitely use a list of cities as a tag and users can post under one forum and/or can tell them to type "Edmonton: Looking for friends" or by tag (Edmonton, groups, friends, etc).

Is this possible: It would be great if there is a feature to indicate "Location = Edmonton," then users will find posts by users in Edmonton or search by location (I've heard of geolocated posts but not sure if it's implemented here:
Search would result in:
Main Category:
Edmonton posts in General Discussion, relationships, advice.....

The other option is to create separate forum boards for each cities: Edmonton, Calgary, Medicine Hat as a category and with their own separate category (not ideal if my forum isn't that busy).

Also, I'm not aware if there's is a more advanced search option that would allow for meaningful search:
I mean, It's nice that there is search by:
Keyword / or title only, but no option to limit the search by tags (tags is searched individually). Enhanced Search seems nice, but is it smart enough to factor in tags? If not, then I'd have to tell members to type "Location & Post title."

Why can't search be as intuitive as a vbulletins? I really like the Search types of options + tags.

I'm brainstorming for now. Please let me know/see your ideas/examples if you have a forum with this structure/category organization. Thanks a lot for hearing me out!