search engine

  1. El Porcharo

    Google SERP

    Hello everyone, I've been monitoring my Google search results for a while now, but I see that my community doesn't look to be properly indexed. I keep seeing only not more than 9-10 results, and if I'm not mistaking, it's not every time the same results. The board is now been public for almost...
  2. creativeforge

    XF 2.2 Hiding members content from search engines

    To protect our members content from being accessed on a certain forum (debating politics), I'm thinking of hiding that specific forum/thread from search engines. Am I understanding correctly? 👇 - If I lock access to certain forums for certain users, Google will not mind. But if I lock access...
  3. A

    Presale: Search Question and Category/Tags

    Hi Guys, Still deciding/planning before I make a purchase and could use some help... I'm hoping to create a forum for my city Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, but I also would like to make it province-wide in case it gets busy in the future. Other cities might include: Calgary, Lethbridge, Grand...