search engine

  1. Nulumia

    Beta SEO & Index Tools 1.0.5 Release Candidate 4

    SEO & Index Tools is a powerful collection of search engine optimization features for Xenforo 2. SEO & Index Tools is developed with years of experience in managing SEO and brings numerous key features missing from Xenforo. With a focus on indexing content, you can have fine-tuned control over...
  2. creativeforge

    XF 2.2 Hiding members content from search engines

    To protect our members content from being accessed on a certain forum (debating politics), I'm thinking of hiding that specific forum/thread from search engines. Am I understanding correctly? 👇 - If I lock access to certain forums for certain users, Google will not mind. But if I lock access...
  3. threadloom

    Threadloom Search for XenForo 1.5.x 2.1.1

    Threadloom Search provides an easy way to upgrade your forum with cloud search. It returns 10x as many results as XenForo search. It also gives you image search, spell correction, and WordPress search. We are happy to provide this service free for forums with up to 10 millions posts. Note: As...
  4. A

    Presale: Search Question and Category/Tags

    Hi Guys, Still deciding/planning before I make a purchase and could use some help... I'm hoping to create a forum for my city Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, but I also would like to make it province-wide in case it gets busy in the future. Other cities might include: Calgary, Lethbridge, Grand...