1. Chromaniac

    Cannot reproduce Optimizing profile banners and avatars to WebP through CLI does not seem to do anything

    This is on XenForo 2.3 Beta 2. I ran the commands. It appears to process them just file. File timestamps on FTP appears to be updated. But after conversion is complete, they remain as JPEGs. Downloaded a bunch of them and opened in an image editor to confirm. I understand that file extension is...
  2. DemoTiger

    Vanillicon Integration for XenForo - Set Avatars Automatically or by default 1.0.0

    Vanillicons are avatars that are unique to your name or email address. They are free to use. Vanillicons have recently gained popularity. So far, they have generated 555 million avatars. Features: Integrate Vanillicon with XenForo easily. Automatically set avatars for newly signed-up users...
  3. K

    XF 2.2 Images higher quality on different browsers?

    Hi, so this is weird problem I've come across. Essentially, on different browsers images such as avatars are higher quality than others. On Brave avatar images are blurry yet on Firefox they look fine, however a friend of mine reports on his firefox they are still blurry but on mobile it looks...
  4. DizzyDolly

    Unmaintained Bob's burgers inspired avatars 2022-02-19

    A set of Bob's burgers style avatars for both male and female genders (Lashes or not) To install you will need the Gallery Avatars plugin
  5. eva2000

    XF 2.2 Why are PNG format avatars being saved with JPG extensions?

    I'm looking at batch optimizing XF 2.2 avatar images if they're over a certain size using ImageMagick. But I just noticed that PNG format uploaded avatar images are being saved by the Xenforo system with JPG extensions? When I download the avatar image and open it in my image viewer, it also...
  6. A

    Not a bug Route filter does not work for "data/avatars/"

    Not sure if it is a bug or something else but I cannot replace either data/ or data/avatars/ using route filters in ACP.
  7. XFA

    Unmaintained [ITD] Zombatar 1.0.0

    Set of 27 Zombatar Avatars set for [TFP] Avatar Gallery You have to install [Xen-Soluce] Avatar Gallery first. See Live Demo at https://itdarasgah.com Instructions: Download the attachment. Log in to your BU and go to addon page. Select Install/upgrade from archive.. That's all :)
  8. Wutime

    Allow User to Hide Avatars v1.1.1

    If you have accessibility concerns the large avatars showing up on the thread lists can be distracting and take up space for people using screen readers and assistive technology (AT) devices. This addon gives users the ability to turn them off in their site preferences. If you have other...
  9. Mr. Jinx

    [OzzModz] Forum Index Tweak

    Mr. Jinx submitted a new resource: Hide Threads and/or Messages stats from forum list - Add extra style options to hide the threads and/or messages stats column from the forum list Read more about this resource...
  10. vsellis

    XF 2.0 Avatars Not Displaying

    This is a new install of XF. Example thread: http://lifestylefrisco.com/forums/data/avatars/l/75/75532.jpg?1516028448 Most of the avatars do not show, except one (which was a new post this morning but old account). If I check the file path of the avatar that DOES show it pulls up fine...
  11. Maxxamillion

    Unmaintained Gaming Avatars 2017 Edition 2017-08-11

    Gaming avatar packs to add to your forum, 150x150 avatars. Will add more over the year, feel free to request sets in the discussions. Feel free to share these among your communities but please do not claim you created them. Enjoy Pack includes Destiny 2 Ark Player Unknown Battlegrounds...
  12. CyberAP

    Lack of interest Option to set max avatar dimensions

    Pretty simple suggestion: please let us set custom maximum avatar dimensions, not just 192px for width and height as it is right now. So in addition to current sizes s, m and l we get x, which is maximum allowed size. For example we set maximum 500 pixels for width and height. User uploads 500...
  13. CyberAP

    Lack of interest XF 2 → Provide us with generated avatar data

    As it has been pointed out, right now you can not access data for generated avatars directly from template. By this data I mean: Color, generated from username; Symbol, taken as a 1st symbol from username; (Probably) Symbol color, to contrast with original color. By providing this data we can...
  14. A

    XF 1.5 Changing the number of the newest members in the sidebar

    Hello, How does one change the number of the newest members' avatars in the sidebar?
  15. ActorMike

    Associated Accounts

    I've had a lot of success getting people to associate their accounts with Facebook/Twitter/Google. I'm just curious, are their any benefits to this from our perspective? I.E. SEO, or marketing, social media use etc? I use the welcome email to direct people to connect their accounts with...
  16. C

    XF 1.5 Users can't change avatar

    Hey community, I have a little issue since I moved my board to my new server (I had to change from Debian 7 to Windows Server 2012 R2). My users can't change their avatars. When they are trying to change the avatar, xenforo reacts like all is okay. But it just keeps the old avatar and there is...
  17. Sheldon

    Alert Icons Management [Paid] [Deleted]

    Sheldon submitted a new resource: Alert Icon - Remove avatars, add Font Awesome icons. Read more about this resource...
  18. bloop

    User Avatars, Getting Members to Add One!

    I have a lot users who don't care at all about updating their avatar pictures and this often leads to bland looking threads with default avatar pics. I'm curious, how do some of you combat this issue and what do you do to encourage members to upload an avatar?
  19. compwhizii

    Option to disable JPEG compression on avatars

    Can we get an AdminCP option to disable JPEG compression on avatars and instead use PNG? JPEGs looks like crap.
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