XF 2.2 Images higher quality on different browsers?


Hi, so this is weird problem I've come across. Essentially, on different browsers images such as avatars are higher quality than others. On Brave avatar images are blurry yet on Firefox they look fine, however a friend of mine reports on his firefox they are still blurry but on mobile it looks fine? What's causing this exactly? Any code I could add so the site sends all browsers high definition images or is there a setting I'm missing? This is an example of what's going on essentially:
Nvm, found out you have to go on a user's profile first to get the higher quality image to load everywhere else. Much rather higher quality images load by default but it's an easy fix to tell my users to do.

EDIT: Seems to revert back to blurry images after awhile. Anything I can do to make high res images linger around permanently?
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