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[XTR] Reputation System 1.0.3

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@Brad Padgett Dear friend, thank you for your interest, support and suggestions.(y)

This journey started as a simple template changes and turned into an advanced add-on. :love:

This add-on allows you to adding a reputation system to your site based on reaction score, post count and trophy point.




Reputation Type
  • Reaction score
  • Post count
  • Reaction score or post count
  • Trophy points
  • Solution count
Reputation Rank Style
  • Star Rank
  • Bar Rank
  • Animation Bar Rank
  • Speed Rank
Speed Bar Rank


Star Rank

What this basically will do is when someone gets 25 reactions they will receive half a star. When they reach 50 reactions they will receive a full star and below you can see where it's scaled up to work as a nice little system.


Bar Rank


Animation Bar Rank


Please review this add-on, if you like it.
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Latest reviews

I became aware of XenTR only a few days ago and find the company an absolutely brilliant solution provider. Good and very valuable work from Turkey - keep it up (!)

..find under XenTR surely more suitable add-ons for my forum or for the next project.
great little add on which indeed may increase the user activity on your forum. It's easy to install without any issues.
I signed up but it was denied? Not sure why its so complicated to get. Why not just make it easy????
Feedback is not given this way! Do I have to approve a member detected as spam? This review is the end of vengeance for you. I would like to let you know that if you continue, I will have to report it.
Absolutely love this add-on. Tons of options and customizations that make your post bit stand out on your site. Great work!
Does not work by deafault in UI.X2 custom themes because of template changes. I asked him for help and he fixed it for me in under 1 h, insane! Thanks a LOT again for your support!
Great system, definitely want this to more advanced than just the basic. However with the current system it can be a start for any website
I've been searching and asking for a system like the [XTR] Reputation System. Glad to see such a great and sleek looking system being created for the community for free. Works excellent and has quite alot of potential.

Great work, definitely recommend this add-on. Thanks.
A very nice and easy to manage reputation system, absolutely FREE!!! amazing, good option provided to manage system on many basis, Great Add-on, many Thanks
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