reputation system

  1. Agentos

    XF 2 Extra Trophy Awards - Reputation, level system

    If you are interested a Extra Trophy Awards System for Xenforo 2 then let me know. The more people willing, the price will be lower. This will be optimized for Xenforo 2 or
  2. K

    Reputation System [Paid]

    kick submitted a new resource: Reputation System - reputation system for forum Read more about this resource...
  3. K

    Reputation System 2.2.5

    You can leave a reputation for posts and threads that catch your attention, for good or bad. The reputation points can be positive and / or negative. You can also leave a comment as well to go with your reputation point (s). Reputations can also be left anonymously. This is group permissioned...
  4. 021

    [BS] Reputation 1.0.9b

    .this addon adds a traditional reputation feature to XenForo 2. With this addon users can give reputation points to other users similarly to how they can use reactions. This addon will help you: keep your users engaged reward users for contributing provide incentives for good posts penalize...
  5. Agentos

    Level System XF2

    Who can create level system?
  6. vandross

    Duplicate Reactions: Profile Summary (and Reputation Bar)

    I searched and didn't see anything relevant to what I want to suggest, but as always I could have used the wrong keywords. Please merge if necessary! The forum I'm on uses the Reaction plugin which is extremely useful, considering a lot of our members are migrants from another board that uses...
  7. Agentos

    Reputation Addon

    Hello. I am looking for such an add-on, but I do not know what it's called. Can anyone help?
  8. XDinc

    [XTR] Reputation System 1.0.1

    @Brad Padgett Dear friend, thank you for your interest, support and suggestions.(y) This journey started as a simple template changes and turned into an advanced add-on. :love: This add-on allows you to adding a reputation system to your site based on reaction score, post count and trophy...
  9. Brad Padgett

    Unmaintained Add a simple and effective Reputation System for your Forum

    Hey guys this is a short guide for a template modification you can use for adding a reputation system to your site based on reaction score. This is similar to @AzzidReign guide for trophy points on Xenforo 1 but this is for reaction score and for Xenforo 2. Shout outs to @AzzidReign for...