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You can try this ones by @XDinc for free :

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I do plan to port my advanced reputation system to XF2.2 but that is not of any use to you right now.
What is your advanced reputation system and how does it differ from reactions?

My experience with forums has never been with vbulletin and that's where reputation came from right?


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Its a very extensive addon. We developed the features on top of vbulletins features, then when we migrated to xenforo I purchased the rights to Borbole's Advanced Reputation System and added a lot of features to it, renamed it to Advanced Reputation System and Post Review System as that covers the functionality a little better. Its basically a system for members to review the posts of other members with free text or preset settings, have the ratings moderated by staff to avoid abuse, have very badly rated posts go to moderation, batch remove bad threads, demote bad members, promote good members, control who sees who rated and where they see ratings.

  • Activate per forum node
  • Rate posts with points and/or stars
  • Choose how many points or stars to give/take
  • Require comments (optional)
  • Minimum comment length (optional)
  • Use preset Rating Comments (optional)
  • Anonymous reputation features (permission based)
  • Reputation moderation (optional)
  • Moderators can edit, approve or delete ratings from moderation
  • Alerts for ratings & reports
  • Show ratings (value, membername, comments) below post. (permission based)
  • Star rating reputation display in postbit. (permission based)
  • See who rated (permission based)
  • Edit, delete or report rating from post. (permission based)
  • Total points in postbit
  • Integrated with XenForo Report Center
  • Delete rating (send alert that the reported rating has been deleted)
  • Deny report with optional Alert
  • Show reputation list on profile. (permission based)
  • Link from profile reputation list to the post
  • Permission: can see others reputation tab on profiles
  • Top Members sidebar block
  • Reputation listing on Member page
  • Give points for various activities like registration, birthday, account upgrades, avatar upload, likes.
  • Reputation statistics page with top posts, worst posts, top members.
  • Crowd Moderation: automatically moderate a users post when too much negative reputation is received. (Optional)
  • Trophies
  • Overview of given reputation
  • AdminCP: Reputation search / log with filters, edit, delete
  • AdminCP: Rebuild & Recount Ratings.
  • Moderator actions in moderator log.
  • Import Reputation from vbulletin 3.8/4.2
  • Permission: Daily rating limit
  • Permission: Reputation spread. User needs to rate X number of other members first
  • Permission: edit ratings
  • Permission: retract ratings within set time
  • Permission: maximum reputation points to give/take
  • Permission: can give negative ratings
  • Permission: can see others ratings
  • A lot more as I have not updated this list for some years.
Some screenshots to make it clear:





As you see this is for XF1 so not relevant for XF2.1


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When I see an upgrade path to XF2. That is currently not the case. I will wait until XF2.2 release in any case.