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  1. [xFv]

    [xFv] Text Logo 1.0.2

    [xFv] Text Logo Replace the default logo image with desired text. Now with Font Awesome! FEATURES: Custom Text Logo. Custom tag Line Custom Text Size. Custom Font Family. Custom Text Color. Font Awesome Icon before Text Logo (Optional). Custom Font Awesome Icon. Custom Font Awesome Size...
  2. M

    XF 2.0 How do I make forums large like here

    Hi all, I have just updated our forum to xenforo 2, but when its complete everything is really small, on here you have nice big text and blocks etc. Where do we go to do the same for my site. Thank you all. Mick
  3. sevendrofleneux

    Xenforo 2 Turkish Translation 2.x BETA 2

    Xenforo 2 DP10 sürümünde kullandığım Türkçe çeviriyi paylaşıyorum. Yönetim sayfasını tam olarak çeviremedim vakit buldukça çevireceğim bunun dışında peki bir sorun yok gibi
  4. tenants

    Will xf2 have rollback funtionality

    I think quite a few people will jump the gun and update before they realise the plugins they require aren't quite ready for xf2 yet So, some people will want to roll back to the latest xenforo 1 version until the plugins are updated Will this be possible?