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[XTR] Event Forums XDinc
Unmaintained [XTR] Event Forums 1.0.0 $30.00
Easily create and manage events on your community site with The Events Forums add-on.
[XTR] Age of Membership Time XDinc
Unmaintained [XTR] Age of Membership Time 1.0.4 $15.00
Sort users by age of membership, and add this time to their member profiles.
[XTR] Most Upvoted Members XDinc
Unmaintained [XTR] Most Upvoted Members 1.0.2 $15.00
This add-on helps you include a most upvoted members' list in the notable members tabs.
[XTR] Force Users To Answer Questions XDinc
Unmaintained [XTR] Force Users To Answer Questions 1.0.1 $35.00
You can require that users reply to a discussion before they see any of the other users' replies.
[XTR] Most Reacted Posts XDinc
Unmaintained [XTR] Most Reacted Posts 1.0.8 $30.00
This add-on allow you to add a most reacted posts block for each thread IDs on selected nodes.
[XTR] Gender Manager ♂/♀ XDinc
Unmaintained [XTR] Gender Manager ♂/♀ 1.0.5 $25.00
Integrate the gender management to your community and control the nodes by gender.
[XTR] Enforce Post Rules XDinc
Unmaintained [XTR] Enforce Post Rules 1.0.5 $20.00
This add-on allows you to apply rules of creating a new thread within specific nodes on your forum.
[XTR] Question Nodes Prefix Manager XDinc
Unmaintained [XTR] Question Nodes Prefix Manager 1.0.3 $6.00
Define the prefix to adding automatically when post is marked as solution or unmarked as solution.
[XTR] Post Limit To Create Content XDinc
Unmaintained [XTR] Post Limit To Create Content 1.0.4 $19.00
This add-on will set a limit on number type for create a new content and join to discussions.
[XTR] DragonByte eCommerce Layouts XDinc
Unmaintained [XTR] DragonByte eCommerce Layouts 1.0.3 $30.00
Allows you to give a more professional look to the front-facing sections of your e-commerce page.
[XTR] Download Resources Via Coupons XDinc
Unmaintained [XTR] Download Resources Via Coupons 1.0.1 $20.00
Allow users to download the resources via coupons.
[XTR] Keyword Alert System XDinc
Unmaintained [XTR] Keyword Alert System 1.0.0 $25.00
Set up your list of keywords that you’d like to receive notifications of and keep track of keywords.
[XTR] Pregnancy Calendar XDinc
Unmaintained [XTR] Pregnancy Calendar 1.0.5 $40.00
This add-on allows you to show a pregnancy information block to track user pregnancy stages and foll
[XTR] Top Poster of The Month XDinc
Displays a selectable number of users with the most posts of the month on a separate page
[XTR] Most Question Users and Best Answer Posters XDinc
Best way to find most question users and best answers poster of the month.
[XTR] Advanced Content Edit History XDinc
Unmaintained [XTR] Advanced Content Edit History 1.0.6 $20.00
This add-on allows you to control the content edit history via advanced user group permissions.
[XTR] Most Followers XDinc
Adds a most followers tab on notable members page and create Most Followers widget.
[XTR] Unlimited Prefix Styles XDinc
Best way to create unlimited prefix style.
[XTR] Manage Two-step Verification Providers XDinc
Easy way to enable or disable two-step verification providers.
[XTR] Member Stories XDinc
Unmaintained [XTR] Member Stories 1.0.11 $50.00
Allows to members create stories as something that lets own share all the moments of own day.
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