[XTR] Most Followers

[XTR] Most Followers 1.0.6

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Version string 1.0.6
  • Updated public templates.
  • Updated template modifications.
  • Added followers count to "Message user info elements" on style properties.

XenForo 2.2.x and PHP 8.1+ Compatibility
  • Confirm XF 2.2.12+ Support
  • PHP 8.1 compatibility
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1.0.5 Changelog
  • Fixed [E_WARNING] Attempt to read property "followersLimit" on null
  • Confirmed XF 2.2.8+ Support
  • Changed Listener.php to check if value is > 0
  • Add-on templates updated.
Many thanks, @Robert9 @AscalonCZ for feedbacks.
1.0.4 Bug Fixes

Many thanks to @Robert9 max_followers criteria has been changed.
1.0.3 Change log

What's new?

  • Add-on templates have been updated.
  • Style properties have been updated.
  • Followers count problem has been fixed.
  • New phrases have been added.
  • Member stat key URL has been changed.
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