1. prisnilos

    Unmaintained [PN] FFW 1.0.4

    Adds followings and followers widgets to user profiles.
  2. XDinc

    [XTR] Most Followers 1.0.6

    [XTR] Most Followers Members This add-on allows you to add most followers tab on notable members page of your community and Most followers widget with follower counts. Options Style Properties Permissions Sort by Most followers User criteria for the Most Followers Manage the...
  3. Num7

    XF 1.5 Alert when a member you follow starts a new discussion

    Hi guys, I searched for such a feature and didn't seem to find anything. Am I missing something? Is there a way to receive an alert whenever a member you follow starts a new thread? Or, would it be possible to automatically watch the threads started by the members you follow? Let me know...
  4. jauburn

    XF 1.5 What happens when you "follow" someone?

    Is there a comprehensive list somewhere of things that result from "following" other users in xenforo? I searched but didn't find anything. Thanks.
  5. mcatze

    Duplicate set number of followers in profile page

    If i want to change the number of avatars of the following members in the profile view, i must change the value in /library/XenForo/ControllerPublic/Member.php Is it possible to make a option in acp for setting up the number of followers showing in profile page?
  6. jauburn

    So what happens when members "follow" someone?

    The action of "following" another member should be a fairly momentous occasion for the person followed. But I find that, in practice, the person being followed ends up feeling "so what?" That should change. How can xenforo make it clear that being "followed" results in "x" number of things...
  7. jauburn

    xenforo unfollow

    Is there a tutorial somewhere on "following"? what happens when u "unfollow" someone? do they get an alert?
  8. Jeffin

    Follow back buttons for the followers list

    I think the list of member following us requires follow back buttons. Twitter allows this function. I made a twitter like mock-up:
  9. E

    [Suggestion] Friend Finder

    I think peoples find your friends on the board from the mails. must be an invitation system in the profile prefences same facebook or other systems. we can give our mail adresse and pass and find our friends on the board. if friends dont register forum send an invitation mail..
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