Unmaintained XenAPI - XenForo PHP REST API 1.4.2

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Fantastic! Using this to have an external application we've developed authenticate against XenForo using cURL requests. Would use a bridge except our application is on a separate domain name so this is our solution. Thank you very much.
This is amazing, it provides the best interface I can find to allow me to perform some custom user promotions determined outside of my xF installation. Very high quality documentation as well.
Great plugin and great developer. Contex is extremely friendly and offers support for his plugins during his free time. He is very patient and goes out of his way to help people who are having problems with his plugins. Extremely nice guy!
It's sooooo easy to authenticate an user with his password against the Xenforo users database, awesome! And all the calls to get more info about a specific user, it's a pleasure. And, very friendly and helpful contact!
This is great. I use it to login for my game server. Way better than using MySQL to analyze the tables manually. Great job!
Context is a great guy, I needed to ask him a few things and he was very prompt to answer all my questions via email.

He has developed a working add on, if you need to authenticate your users from another platform, then use this, it's great!

I just wish the documentation was a little clearer, this could save both the user and contexts time, either way he is an awesome developer and I am glad someone built this.
Works as designed :)
Now I can bridge my site and my forums with no problem.
Using curl.
Github wiki will be very helpful when there will be lots of examples, but people can find many working examples in resourse discussion thread.
Thank you!
Very nice and easy to use API. I prefer it over OAUTH.

However you need to make sure you are accessing it over HTTPS or people might be able to see your key.

Some functions are not documented but it was easy to figure out how to use it.

The only thing I have to complain about is that grab_as uses the userid or name. What happens if someone has a number for their name?
You make a fair point regarding the "grab_as" parameter, same thing goes for the "user" parameter. It currently checks if the input is an ID first, and then fallbacks to email and then finally username. I'll have to see if I can create a workaround for this, perhaps a new parameter named "user_type" where you specify the type of the grab_as/user parameter (user_id, email and username)?
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  • Version: 1.4.1
Perfect API and perfect support!
XenApi is great for working with XenForo from an external site!

Probably the best API to XenForo, I recommend for all your projects.
Superb! And for free! Thank you so much for this excellent API... AWESOME JOB. The register function helped me out with adding users from a wordpress registration function
Excellent work as always Bob! Quite the useful and extensive addon. Thanks!
Love it, got external user signup working in 5 minuts. Thanks a million!
It's great. Very easy to use and has a lot of useful methods. A+!
Excellent ... and great support with lot of updates ...
This is great, saves me time of looking to develop this for my own uses. Now I can start on using licenses that can be used for validation against my server.
This is awesome! A lot can be done with this. Thank you!
Amazing work, this has enabled so many awesome possibilities in the realm of community integration.
This can be very handle if you know what to use it for, Thank You very much!
Thanks for the review, feel free to add suggestions if you have something you'd like me to add :-)
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