1. Bobsilvio

    Pay for update xenapi for xenforo 2.0

    Hello, i find(pay) a Developer for update https://github.com/Contex/XenAPI to Xenforo 2.x thanks
  2. Bobsilvio

    XF 2.2 Call to protected method XF\App::initialize()

    I would like to upgrade to xenforo 2.x The problem is that with 1.x I used XenApi, and created many projects and software based on XenApi. these bees are no longer up to date and perhaps they are abandoned. I absolutely cannot use other APIs for now, I would lose compatibility with older...
  3. Contex

    Unmaintained XenAPI - XenForo PHP REST API 1.4.2

    Information This Open Source REST API allows usage of several of XenForo's functions, such as authentication, user information and many other functions! Actions Each action requires a hash to perform the action, either an API key or an user hash (username:hash). The user hash can be grabbed by...
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