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When attempting to post a message containing a blocked word (currently configured with around 300 URL shortening services), an error is displayed.

This add on, in theory, could also be used to block other words too.


Upload contents of the upload folder to your library folder.

Install through Admin CP using provided XML file.


Check readme.txt for details on how to add/remove blocked words.


None of this add on is configurable currently using the Admin CP. Refer to the readme.txt file if you want to block other words.


To Jake Bunce for being wonderful as always.
Chris D
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Outstanding. I really could have used this last year. LOL (Kept your list "as is" except for removing so videos could be shared)
Chris D
Chris D
Oops. Thanks. Just noticed is in there. Common Facebook one. Very over zealous! Thanks for feedback thought.
Love this add-on. This is a vital resource for anyone who is worried about users posting spam & viruses. It also does a great job keeping users from trying to hide what sites they are linking to (perhaps a competitor site?), and ensures that you can monetize each and every link that is posted to your site (if you are using the eBay, Amazon, or other affiliate auto-link add-ons.)

Great job!
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