Unread Post Count

Unread Post Count 1.2.0

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Superb. It would be even better if you could give selection of the style. I mean Say instead of rectangle u can give option in ACP for round or star (if possible)..
Chris D
Chris D
Anything is possible - you might want to try styling it (look at unread_post_count.css) - specifically you could play with border-radius to make the corners round :) Thanks for your review.
very nice addon
Superb, as always.
Easy install with the auto installer, works perfectly. Thank you
Thank u for RTL language.
Chris D
Chris D
You're welcome. I think 5 stars would have been more appropriate ;)
Perfect, I missed this feature from vBulletin days.
This is a winner
Don't work with my style customization, but another great add-on from Chris. Thank you Chris!
Another quality addon from Chris!
As always, Chris at his best. I styled the background to match our board's styling. Should be a default functionality. Mike, please take a note ;-).
Another excellent addon! Thank you for sharing Chris and thank you Dakis!
Thank you for sharing Chris (and dakis), good idea :)