Hey all,

We got a lot of good news with this release.

  • AD Styler completely redone (we added a Minecraft default preset, request a preset if you'd like!)
  • Upgraded to XF 1.2.2
  • All bugs reported to date have been fixed (Thanks MattW, Chris Deeming, and all the others who continue to help me with this product)
  • New features such as node stats icons, navigation at the top of the page, covered styles, and more!

License holders can download at Audentio.com. Get your copy today! :)
Hey all,

Time for another update. The gist of this update is aesthetic, but some bug fixes as well.

  • Modal Boxes *might* be fixed. I didn't fully test it, but they work on my demo. I went about doing the login box differently, and it's restyled like any modal form. (Link - Thanks @MattW )
  • Login link completely redone so it fits perfectly responsive-wise. (Link - Thanks @Matthew Hawley and others)
  • [wd] Widget Framework like button overflowing fixed header (Link - Thanks @Warning )
  • Likes, quotes bb code, code bb code, pagination and more styled a bit nicer out of the box
  • By adding a bit of script to the new template uix_quickScripts, you can remove the side by side node styling for one or more categories (Link to the code, @Mike Edge and @Sheldon for the idea)
  • All images using @imagePath now. (Link - Thanks @MattW )
  • Member cards no longer have avatars rounded, due to aesthetic reasons and it was buggy before. (Link - Thanks @Matthew Hawley )
  • And last, and what certainly took me the longest, you can now always have the header sticky. (A member at audentio.com requested it to be created)
  • And I also added the avatar to the account navTab since it helped with making the sticky responsive 320px width device less crowded.
It is highly advised that you test this skin before using it live. The sticky header alone is worth some testing, its quite a bit involved.
  • Theme was upgraded to 1.2.1.
  • Body style property given 320px min-width
  • Breadcrumb style property @uix_breadcrumbHeight now adjusts arrows and quick navigation
  • Breadcrumb responsive, was missing height variable (Link - Thanks @MattW )
  • Logo no longer overlaps search icon (Link - Thanks @MattW )
  • Sticky navigation now has a height variable
  • Footer links and top link now adjust to a new variable, @uix_footerHeight in response to footer not working well with gutter width properties
  • Subforums styled like .level_2 index nodes (Link - Thanks @Matt )
  • RSS icon and last post fixed on side by side nodes (Link - Thanks @MattW )
  • Poll bars styled
  • Conversation border tops added (Link - Thanks @MattW )
  • Weird webkit styling (bug in XenForo, not the skin as far as I know) issue on buttons fixed (Link - Thanks @MattW )
  • .topCtrl height based on @uix_breadcrumbHeight (Link - Thanks @MattW )
Thanks @MattW for helping find these issues.