Hi all,

We noticed that after our last release a few days ago, some fairly large issues came up. Most of them were caching related so I want to urge people to:
  3. Make sure to purge cache and refresh a few times just to be sure before reporting bugs
  4. IF there are actual bugs, we FULLY support UI.X and will be happy to login and fix critical issues. None actually came up last release, to be clear, in fact they've NEVER come up. But if they do we are here to help. Always.
UI.X must be considered a software sitting within XenForo, especially days after a major release. So it must be tested. In fact, if you are uncomfortable, wait a few days for those who are fine beta testing to run through and find some bugs.

Here is the changelog. All major bugs reported to us have been fixed, and then we also added a few improvements as well:

  1. Sidebar icons no longer absolute positioned
  2. Width toggler can be disabled now (oops)
  3. Members page adding to the URL instead of loading the page
  4. Flexbox issue on nav style 3
  5. UserBar loading issue
  6. Border radius' can be turned off with one setting (at least the JS code)
  7. Links added to off canvas visitor tabs are now styled correctly
  8. Wrong message with outdated add-on message in the ACP
  9. Sticky footer can now be disabled correctly
  10. Welcome section glyph uses iconator now
  11. Iconator labels returned so you know what you are editing
  12. Sticky Sidebar touching the footer
  13. Fluid width issue for guests
  14. Logo not clickable
  15. Fixed a thread prefixes issue
  16. If a category didn't have any nodes, node grid causes a js issue which has been fixed
  17. Inability to turn off node icons as glyphs fixed
STEPS TO UPGRADE (or install fresh), IN THIS ODER:

  1. First, and foremost, make a backup of your theme. A backup of your site as a whole is never a bad idea either especially if you are going to production board
  2. Second, disable the UI.X Add-on. This will cause some PHP errors if you are missing tables, so its best to just disable it. If you do accidentally forget, you must add $config['enableListeners'] = 0; to your library/config.php file, then start back at step 2.
  3. Download the latest version of the add-on, located in your downloads area as a green button
  4. Upload the contents of the /upload/ folder within that extracted zip folder to your root XenForo directory
  5. After that has finished, go into your XenForo ACP and click on the UI.X add-on. You will get a modal that says upgrade add-on. Browse for the .xml of the add-on that was in the .zip file and continue
  6. After that has finished, you can choose if you want to update the theme via the add-on or manually. We recommend doing it automatically so that is how we will continue in step 7.
  7. If you go to Appearance, on the sidebar you'll see UI.X > Styles. Click Update next to the style you want to update, or you can install fresh here as well.
After this has finished, all files should be correct. You may need to run through and change a few style properties or merge some templates. If you get stuck WE ARE HERE TO HELP. We want your site to be working properly and for you to love the final result. Post in the thread or create a ticket at audentio.com! :)

Thanks for using UI.X!
Hi everyone,

This version includes over 100 new features and improvements. These features are always optimized so that no extra load time is incurred. In fact, load time has been decreasing (in other words, we're getting FASTER) for the last few versions and this one is even faster that the previous.

This release we are calling the Platinum release and will be the last major release for XenForo 1.X. We will be working on some videos and better documentation moving forward. We are so proud of this project and what it has become. We aim to spend the rest of our time on bug fixes, new add-ons, new themes, and some other new products. We will continue to fully support this add-on and offer the level of support that is unrivaled.

Please note that this add-on requires the latest UI.X Add-on. You should:
  2. Download the add-on from your license manager first
  3. Then disable the add-on on your board
  4. Perform the upgrade (upload files first then upgrade the add-on in XenForo via uploading the .xml inside the ACP)
  5. Turn the add-on back on
  6. Finally you can upgrade the theme.
You can of course upload files simultaneously to save time.

Features, bugs, and other improvements:

  1. Support for Android Browser on Android 2.2 and Android 2.3
  2. Unable to click on child links in off canvas sidebar (new posts) bug has been fixed
  3. Sticky on ios after momentum scroll
  4. Off canvas trigger positions
  5. Small logo flicker on iOS
  6. Notices link color
  7. Login Styles (Link, Slide out drawer, dropdown menu, and modal)
  8. Register link next to login link
  9. Login form as sidebar widget
  10. Disable sticky on not just iOS but other browsers like older android that do not support scroll events
  11. Drag and drop nodes in the ACP
  12. Width Toggler
  13. Mark viewed XenForo Media Gallery and XenForo issue on mobile
  14. Moved viewing debug info for admins only to the UI.X add-on
  15. Style properties that chose icons now have a cool iconator - a dropdown that will work with FontAwesome to find icons visually
  16. UI.X add-on is now secondary for footer and welcome block features - so you can inherit from the global add-on values
  17. Z-index improvements, some things showed on top of others that probably should not have
  18. Permissions for the AD Styler (styler trigger, color palette options, and presets)
  19. Ability to show just color palette and not styler trigger in AD Styler
  20. Node grid separator node fix when using default theme
  21. Added 'custom' to all style properties dealing with location - just in case you want to do something not listed
  22. Logo block search and logo block ad_header positions now are fully responsive and handled very clean
  23. Zipping supported on Mike Edge's servers
  24. FTP supported for uploading themes
  25. Sub-forums now support the node grid system
  26. Plain message controls and the active state on multiquote no longer has a coloring issue
  27. Improved animation for minimal search
  28. Improved mobile responsiveness for off canvas menus, search, collapsible nodes, and other UI elements
  29. Node grid now works on all forums, the issue with watched forums has been fixed
  30. Welcome block now removed from any login and register pages
  31. Variables to show page content wrapper, notices, titles, welcome block, and much more can be controlled from any page node
  32. Form overlay button (adding an image or link in the editor) hover state fixed
  33. Scroll sticky style fixed on Safari
  34. Move all js to one file to improve page load
  35. Widget framework home tab as icon works now
  36. Opening off canvas nav is much faster
  37. Alerts in off canvas nav are not styled (XMG)
  38. Alerts show up gray instead of red if unread if done through ajax call
  39. Fix background icon node issue
  40. Off canvas members list permissions, shows blank link regardless of permission
  41. Fix navigation active states when tab links are removed (for middle tab location)
  42. Breadcrumb double home icon logic error fixed
  43. Close icon overlapping text on post member cards fixed
  44. Off canvas navigation for user information no longer adds links randomly and also will not remove alert count when clicked
  45. Sticky footer will correctly align to the bottom instead of having a gap near the bottom
  46. Separate sticky and normal threads supported - will add a heading between the two thread types
  47. Collapse sidebar animation improved
  48. New indicator on messages border radius fixed
  49. Featured resources now stack nicely, removed unnecessary styling as well
  50. Social media clashed with copyright on some mobile views
  51. Guests can close the sidebar without seeing an overlap
  52. ACP will alert you of add-on updates
  53. Both add-on updates and theme updates can be dismissed (if you are upgrading or installing manually, this is useful)
  54. Wording improved in general in the ACP for how settings are best used
  55. QuickSearchPlaceholder color now inherits from body
  56. We use requestAnimationFrame - essentially allows for a higher frame rate for scroll events
  57. The ability to start a category node collapsed
  58. Various social media icons now added (Reddit, Tumblr, Github, Flickr, Steam, Twitch, and Vine)
  59. Users can now choose to toggle the sticky state of navigation, userbar, and sidebar respectively
  60. We add height to page node textareas - easier to edit pages!
  61. Ability to add a class to nodes for specific node styling
  62. Ability to add custom css to a node for even more specific quick styling
  63. Notice links when clicked would move the viewport (scroll down) - this has been fixed
  64. 100% is now a supported value for many viewport options such as when to center footer links (meaning always)
  65. IE9 node list issue where nodes wouldnt be viewed is fixed
  66. Search permissions would sometimes make for an empty userbar - fixed
  67. .footer can now be moved above or below the sticky footer threshold - to better determine where you want the footer to begin
  68. We removed all support for uix_hide on icons - no longer necessary
  69. Nodes would float left on default style with add-on turned on - fixed
  70. Easier to differentiate between read and unread conversations in the off canvas menu visitor tabs
  71. Disabling welcome block in style property wouldnt disable welcome block html
  72. Overflow issue on off canvas menus for visitor tabs
  73. Unreadable text on the modal when creating an album in XMG
  74. If post count in a thread is less than 2, don't show the post pagination menu link in navigation
  75. HTML supported in global welcome block
  76. Margin issue when replying to media in XMG has been fixed
  77. Star rating background color fixed
  78. Some internal links would not account for sticky offset heights
  79. Last post avatar works on category nodes
  80. Node icons can be set in style properties or globally
  81. Node icons can be set specifically for any individual node - or it can inherit from a category the same icon!
  82. RTL support
  83. Style property added to style links in welcome block, hover as well
  84. New indicator positioning on conversations and posts
  85. Setting to move the top control button to the right above thread list instead of in the breadcrumb
  86. Not resizing tablinks currectly if hidden due to sticky on page load
  87. High Resolution timers. Should help with debugging / improving
  88. performance of fast things (like events on scroll).
  89. Put all welcomeblock code in a single template
  90. Remove new indicators on nodes for guests
  91. Hide Xen Media Gallery tablink popup menus when tablinks are removed.
  92. Optimized search.css. A lot less code now hits the front end when certain settings are unchecked.
  93. Minimal search now works as expected in edge cases (navStyle == 2 with searchPosition == 1 and such)
  94. Added uix_account.css template and uix_adStyler.css template for increased performance and organization
  95. Welcome block css no longer loads on views without the welcome block.
  96. Extended footer css no longer loads when extended footer is disabled.
  97. Add setting in UI.X Options that is analogous to the @uix_welcomeBlock_showAllTemplates style property
  98. Pressing enter doesnt submit the form when search button is enabled - fixed
  99. Added setting 'Visitor panel stats as icons'.
  100. Add in / properly order vendor prefixes for transitions appearing in CSS templates
To upgrade from the last version of UI.X, you can do it by clicking the upgrade link in your ACP :). Otherwise make sure you have the latest UI.X add-on and you can re-install or sync the theme as with the last update. If you need help, please create a ticket at audentio.com! We'll be happy to help.

Hey all,

Sorry for releasing this right after the main release, but we found a few crucial bugs worth fixing.

Bugs and improvements:
  • Sticky footer - minor javascript bug that caused the height of footer to increase
  • Postbit issue on firefox where images and text would not wrap properly - mainly affected firefox and IE
  • Flexbox footer improvements for IE10
  • Deleted uix_visitorTabs - we use navigation_visitor_tab for better support with add-ons
  • Home link as icon spacing on IE and Firefox
  • Social Media icons can be toggled on or off on a per theme basis as well as global
  • Global footer html parsing issue fixed - supports html now
  • rating and event icons in the profile tab have been fixed
To upgrade:

If you have (or the patch that followed) installed successfully with UI.X or any other theme of ours properly synced, all you need to do is press the update button.

If you have not yet installed (or the patch that followed), here are some more instructions:

  1. Go to Audentio.com to generate an API Key
  2. Go to Audentio.com orders page and then click on any XenForo license.
  3. Click the download button. Doing so will get you the UI.X official add-on
  4. With your API key in your clipboard (to copy and paste), go back to your ACP.
  5. Install the add-on by uploading the files (the contents of /upload/ copy to your root XenForo directory) and then installing the add-on .xml file that comes with it
  6. After that is done, go to UI.X General under XenForo Options. Paste in the API key. Make sure check for unassociated styles is turned on.
  7. Now go to Styles and find your current UI.X license. Make sure the name of the theme is UI.X. If this is the case you should see a link next to it called 'sync with add-on'. Click this so long as you have never edited UI.X and rather made all changes to a child theme, as per our documentation and installation instructions
  8. After the UI.X theme has been synced, you will be able to update it by clicking update. This is all you'll have to do henceforth.
  9. If you got any error messages, make sure js and styles folders are writeable and try again.
  10. Then make sure to upgrade the theme like normal by visually checking for issues and also merging and updating outdated templates.

Need help?

We can do the upgrade for you. Contact us via a message or via our website http://www.audentio.com/contact
Hi everyone,

We sent an email and a few other messages out trying to make sure everyone is comfortable upgrading. Before moving on, its good to know, we offer upgrading services, just contact us if you need help.

A few important notes:
  • DO NOT upgrade UI.X the traditional way, at least not without reading this first
  • BACKUP your current version of UI.X and any child themes
  • UI.X is now supported by an add-on (phrases, features, permissions, lots of good stuff), this add-on is required as we have now supported phrases
  • Installation is now handled via the add-on (optional but highly preferred as this will alert you when there are updates in your ACP and allow one-click upgrades)
  • This add-on makes a callback to our server ONLY to check for updates to themes -- how else could we tell you this information.

  1. After you get the email regarding the update (to follow), you can go to your customer area to find the package as usual
  2. What you download will be the UI.X add-on alone
  3. Install the add-on. It is also worth making all files in styles/uix writeable (666) so make sure to set those file permissions on uix and set to be recursive
  4. It will prompt you to enter an API key that you will need from Audentio Design (you can get one now at that link)
  5. Also make sure that Check for Unassociated Styles is selected in UI.X Options
  6. After that has been accepted you can go to Appearance > Styles. Find your UI.X and there should be an icon that says Sync with UI.X Add-on. Click this.
  7. After doing so, you will get a message saying that you have a theme out dated. Clicking the prompt will allow you to upgrade your UI.X right there. No downloading files necessary anymore.

Note that if you do not want to use the API its not necessary. The files will be available in the changelog in your customer area. No callback at all will be made.

Reporting bugs:

As usual, we highly appreciate and value you taking the time to post a bug. If it is a bug, we WILL fix it as soon as we possibly can. Every bug reported to us is considered and fixed in the next release. Please post it in the thread with as much information as you can about it.


  1. Added specific (better quality) support for Post Ratings
  2. Added a setting specifically to add or remove breadcrumb home icon
  3. Added a setting to hide breadcrumb on the home tab (since its kinda pointless)
  4. Setting to remove either the forum list and/or the home page title bar (since its kinda pointless)
  5. Support for @AndyB ’s bookmark add-on, just tabbed something in :p
  6. Converted the Footer to an add-on, so you can have the same footer across multiple themes without any issue
  7. Added a node grid system, can control the width of any node on any view. Great for truly getting a metro interface for your forum index
  8. Fixed how the user account on the user preferences (sidebar) dropdown didn’t have an icon, one has been added
  9. Removed the setting @uix_breadcrumbHeight, as there is already a @breadcrumb.height var - just for cleanliness and order
  10. Added a setting to control when the .footer menu links center, as opposed to being hard coded at @maxResponsiveMediumWidth
  11. Added a feature called minimal search
  12. Added the ability to support both a right and a left off canvas navigation
  13. Added a setting to remove the tabLinks on sticky. Will also correctly remove itself once the bottom of the navtabs reaches an offset of the height of the navTabs. In short, you won’t see a gap when it hides anymore.
  14. Sticky navs that start sticky have been improved performance over scroll-to as it should be. In general the logic has been improved, and a rare situation where flickering would occur has been fixed entirely.
  15. Styled .importantMessage
  16. Welcome Block has been turned into an add-on, thus you get permission and can have the same welcome block across multiple UI.X supported themes
  17. Featured Threads, specifically the home tab, has been given specific attention as it had a weird box-sizing issue
  18. FontAwesome is loaded locally by default to stop the tickets from people wondering why it wasn’t working (cross-origin error some servers will throw/https issue)
  19. Fixed overflow on the #jumpMenu div (quick navigation menu)
  20. Fix animation on offCanvas, and removed local coordinates on mainContent for support with the Gridder notifications by @Chris D (i.e.: removed the translate3d, not a bug on our end)
  21. Online indicator margin issue when using the default triangle style has been fixed.
  22. Building blocks heading design improved, just changed the background and removed borders essentially, looks more modern
  23. Controls on deleted threads have been added back in. So if a thread was deleted there wasn’t any options to edit, view, hard delete, etc.
  24. ScrollingUp style sticky nav now works on mobile
  25. StickyNav issues in IE have been fixed
  26. Once and for all we think we’ve entirely cracked the issue on internal anchor offset. So clicking the last post, sticky nav or not, correctly and intelligently finds the right post
  27. Jumping to a quoted post, similarly, has been fixed
  28. Removed gradient on prefix filter bar, should be all the gradients now I hope
  29. Large avatars condensing the classic postbox, this has been fixed once and for all
  30. XenGallery folders added to each style
  31. FontAwesome local file added to all styles, as some had it missing for some reason
  32. Overflow of the post thread pagination and search position 1 fixed
  33. We added dropdown menus so no more 0,1,2,3 stuff!
  34. Page and link icons on node list sized better and more intelligently
  35. Poll overlayChooser shows the close button
  36. Negative margins on post pagination offset now supported
  37. Unread nodes and links in general now inherit their value. This is kinda of an issue with XenForo but we’ve come up with a nice clean fix. So if your unread state of links on the node list or thread list got out of whack this has been fixed
  38. Post pagination throwing error the responsive navigation script in XenForo has been fixed
  39. Insert Quotes dialog box has been fixed
  40. Focus state on links in off canvas nav no longer a weird color
  41. A sticky footer (that is to say, if the page is too small, footer will always show at the bottom of the viewport) has been built and supported in all page styles and settings, but you knew we’d of course support everything! :D
  42. We removed uix_webapp, didn’t really do much
  43. Ability to move post pagination to user bar or navigation as opposed to stuck just in navigation
  44. All social media links added to an add-on so you don’t have to copy them to each uix supported theme
  45. Setting to control max days the sidebar can be collapsed
  46. Permissions for collapsing the sidebar (who can and who cannot)
  47. All strings are now using the XenForo phrase system as they should be - that means we need language packs!
  48. And most importantly, the ability to install and upgrade a theme directly in the ACP. Also note that installing a theme will automatically create a child theme for you, so hopefully no one will every have issues upgrading again!
  49. Postbit buttons aligned to the bottom of the post, a setting to toggle
  50. Preview tooltip has been styled better
  51. Setting to hide breadcrumb on homepage
  52. Setting to hide breadcrumb on forum list
  53. Setting to hide title on homepage
  54. Setting to hide title on forum list
  55. Move visitortabs to navigation (and back) at different sizes - for consolidating the userbar on mobile
  56. Added class="avatar Av{$visitor.user_id}s" to avatars in navbars
  57. Styled post message notes (warned, deleted, etc)
  58. Fixed warn and delete icon sprite positioning
  59. Adjustments to navigation box sizing to make it easier to style
  60. Breadcrumb and toggle sidebar hover states inherit from breadcrumb now
  61. Sticky tablinks (when removed) do not clash with search position tab links
  62. Support for @Bob's add-ons
  63. Profile follow/followers block styled to match other blocks
  64. Sub-forum call to action thread list goes full width
  65. Upgraded FontAwesome to 4.3
  66. Fixed .Menu overflow on off canvas nav
  67. Created a style property for node info
  68. Created a style property for discussion list item
  69. …And a lot more optimizations and subtle improvements!
Specific JavaScript Improvements:
  • Scroll - consolidated all scroll events into a single handler to ensure proper ordering of events and remove some redundant parts of events. Hard to quantify because of how quick things are but should improve the feel of scrolling
  • Resize - consolidated all resize events into a single handler allowing the removal of several redundant parts of events.
  • uix.checkRadius - up to 8x faster in some cases about about 5x faster on average than last release (which was ~90% faster than 2 releases ago).
  • Reorganized uix.init to perform some things before document.ready. Reordered some functions to remove redundant calls saving about 15%.
  • improved initialization of post pagination by about 30%
  • improved welcome block and collapsed sidebar initializations to prevent a possible flicker
  • improved responsiveness of sticky bars and fixed a flicker with scroll sticky.
Thanks everyone, I hope this serves as another great milestone for UI.X. Thank you to all who have helped contribute!

First of all, a huge apology for the delay. We of course don't generally take this long in between updates, but since 1.4.3 didn't require any template fixes that merging didn't resolve, we figured we'd spend all our focus on optimizing and improving the already powerful UI.X Framework. We realize that a lot of you have been waiting for work from us, upgrades, etc. But we set a goal for ourselves and we needed to reach it. I'd say we far exceeded that goal.

We also asked a few of you to help beta test this framework, which has now gained recognition from some of the largest XenForo installations around and it is a huge honor. So we needed to make sure that this worked on the largest of XenForo boards as clean and fast as possible, and I can honestly say we did just that. Thank you to the beta testers, and this release has passed their inspection.

In fact the largest XenForo board will be running UI.X in January.

So as usual I'm just going to regurgitate some of the focal points that we emphasized on, but naturally we fixed a lot of minor things as well, so if you have questions about any of those feel free to post it in the thread.

  • XenForo Media Gallery fixes including toolbar icon
  • Alignment of the quick reply editor in some areas, such as XMG and a few plugins should be resolved
  • We widened the main user dropdown menu so it looks a little cleaner now and less cramped
  • Moved the contents of uix_adStyler_variables to a style property (really this just fixes that outdated template issue some of you may have, just annoying I guess)
  • You can now set a height just for tablinks when navigation is sticky
  • You can now disable tablinks when navigation is sticky for a cleaner interface
  • We added a post pagination option, mainly useful when you have navigation sticky -- this allows you to jump to posts within a thread
  • We added a variable to allow you to collapse the sidebar at any viewport width, useful if your iPad or tablet landscape views are a bit cluttered. You can also always collapse the sidebar, useful if you never went a sidebar on any pages.
  • When the navigation small logo shows/hides we rerun XenForo's repsonsive nav functionality which should fix the visitor tabs and search from dropping under the navigation sometimes
  • Fixed the ordered list icon in the toolbar to be a numbered icon
  • Welcome block button has a min-width of 75% now, just looks cleaner on mobile and more like a button
  • Jump to bottom and jump to top JS has been improved
  • You can stack the jump to top and jump to bottom fixed icons now in case you didn't like them side by side in the last release
  • Node icons as glyphs no longer have that background issue
  • The fixed jump to top/button delayed hide setting is now fully functional -- it will get out of your way now if its not being used and you are not scrolling
  • The resource manager filter dropdown no longer collides with the tabs (this is a bug in XenForo but we added some code to fix it on UIX)
  • A new sticky navigation 'style' so to speak, which makes the sticky nav only work on scroll up which is more like how a lot of apps behave
  • Node collapse issue where node 11 would collapse node 111 for example has been fixed (finally, sorry :p)
  • iOS flickering issue
  • Major JS optimizations

As usual we do not recommend you upgrade live boards without doing a backup of your old UI.X (in case you modified it) and thoroughly testing on a demo board.

Our next primary focus is going to be fixing the couple RTL bugs and also the sticky nav offset internal links such as on reply.

Hi all,

Other than the page_container update of 1.4.2:

  • Search can be as an input now on mobile, the only theme to allow this to my knowledge. We did keep it as an input by default, so if that messes with your design this is of course a setting to say show the icon at XX pixels.
  • Slogan simplified, we might be making it work on mobile in the next release if we can think of a way for it to not interfere with anything
  • Avatar centered on threadlist
  • support strike-through bbcode
A lot of the changes were minor and not worth mentioning, just tweaks :)

NOTE: As usual do not update on a large live board unless you are willing to risk your theme slightly modifying. I dont think we made many changes but its always good to test first. The next release is likely to have a few new features, this one was just maintenance.

Don't forget to rate and review!!

Hi everyone,

This update is just to essentially increase usability in a few areas.

  • Toolbar icons are now using FontAwesome as opposed to an image but this can be toggled
  • Alerts are more prominent, we made them red. Its a feature cause we improved a bit the way xenforo handles alerts
  • hide visitorTabs username at a certain width (save space on mobile)
  • show avatar or glyph next to visitorTabs username (as opposed to only avatar)
  • FontAwesome is now packaged locally
  • FontAwesome updated to version 4.2
  • HTML5 shiv/css3/media queries JS files packaged locally and a setting to make sure they run locally
  • You can now close the welcome block modal and not have it prepend to the page
  • Private message controls you can set the width at which it will show up, as opposed to it always being on or off. In other words, its responsive
  • We did the same with the admin menu, you can choose a width in which it collapses into a menu - great for your moderators who prefer desktop
  • When using the footer to add widgets, it will use the widget instead of the style property markup, so its easy to add say latest threads to your UIX extended footer
  • retain avatar dimensions setting removed, just use 'l' (large) it will do the same thing as it did before
  • We designed a nicer login modal box and turned that on by default
  • Jump to bottom fixed
  • Ability to float user banners in the postbit (cleans up things sometimes)

  • Post History link when in menu didn't work, this is fixed
  • xenPorta dropdown menu icon positioned correctly
  • online indicator triangle was off a bit, we fixed the positioning
  • breadcrumb icon was off on certain mobile devices (windows phone)
  • page nav (pagination) width sometimes was off when you got into the hundreds, this should be fixed now
  • ad_message_below ad template on mobile was off a bit, we fixed the margin issue
  • Margin underneath the avatar in mobile postbit removed
Keep in mind, you should not update UI.X live on a product site ever, as sometimes there could be packaging errors or minor bugs we didn't foresee. That said, was the most stable release with the fewest tickets to date. We are fairly confident this should be as well since we haven't made major updates. Just minor tweaks. And almost ALL of these features were specifically requested in the thread. So this is all you guys!

Hey all,

It has been a full year since the original release of UI.X, and wow how far we've come. We are so very proud of what we have built, and the support you all have given us is what we needed to make it possible. We hope that this last year stands as a testament to our commitment to our products and the appreciation we have for this amazing community and software. Looking towards the future we have amazing new products and resources we plan to build including videos on customizing UI.X, plugins to help your forum development and design process smoother, and much much more! Thank you all!

This update offers much needed basic improvements. The mobile experience has never been better. I say it a lot, but we are extremely proud of this release. It is the cornerstone of the future of UI.X and our product line. Everything has been perfected, and yet upgrading should still be a breeze. ALL bugs reported to us should now be fixed, and ALL features we mentioned we wanted to release have now been. Here is a list of the more prominent features:

  • Category description tooltip
  • Jump to top fade (turned off by default, will not fade out - some people wanted this feature so it has been built!)
  • Rounded Online Indicator
  • Pulsating Online Indicator (will do a cool little pulsar effect, can be disabled of course)
  • We moved uix.css to be included after the last css file is called in the main include. This saves you a resource call.
  • We moved fontAwesome above all JS, thus making your page load a bit faster
  • Added <xen:hook> to the footer columns so you can now use widgets instead of static html (ie: hook:uix_footer_col1 for widget framework)
  • Login with facebook text was discolored, we made the text white
  • New label added so it can display 'New' next to a node. Great if you want to remove the node icons altogether and save space.
  • Made the staff banner pull from tertiary color, more prominent than gray
  • You can now add a favicon via a style property
  • Side by side categories now is fully functional (node style 2)
  • We completely reorganized the style properties so they are more intuitively named, better descriptions, and in proper order -- should be easier to find things! Should flow like a river of butter!
  • Can hide footer menu (home/privacy policy/top/contact/etc), great if you want to just the extended footer instead.
  • Move all private postbit message controls to a dropdown menu, great for consolidating the postbit. Turned on by default
  • Center the postbit message controls at a certain width, you choose.
  • We made some optimization improvements for those looking for quicker load time. We did all we could think of. If you have suggestions we are entirely open.
  • More control on how you size the call to action next to breadcrumb
  • Vast improvements to the posts layouts and postbit

Bug fixes

  • Avatar issues, this has all been fixed and is fantastic. We turned the retain avatar dimensions off by default, but you should check this feature out. Those that want full size avatars can do so without any template edits
  • Center logo bug where you could not have it all the time centered has been fixed, you enter 100% now.
  • Firefox and IE footer blocks now stack properly, this has never been reported to us strangely enough but they now stack wonderfully like they do on chrome.
  • Prefix border fixed

Thanks a lot we hope you enjoy this version and look towards the future for more great releases from Audentio Design!

Hey all,

Just wanted to update for 1.4 beta so you guys can get a head start, but the version should work just fine as well.


  • Center logo is turned into a number or width value, so that you can choose to center the logo at a certain viewport size. So if you normally centered your logo be sure to check out the UI.X Logo style property group and change the value to 100% for it to center all the time
  • You can now choose at what size the logo block advertisement falls under the logo, great for putting advertisements in the header and keeping it responsive.
  • General layout improvements with margins
  • Upcoming versions of chrome that have changed the way negative margins work now have been supported and fixed for future versions of webkit and chrome
  • Dropdown arrows on the navigation can only work on hover now if you choose to. You can also put it back the way it was, there are 3 different ways to handle it now. Always show arrow, never show arrow, and only show arrow on hover
  • Collapse sidebar link removed on tablet views and under (whenever the sidebar drops under, to be more precise. Cleans up room for mobile users in the breadcrumb.
  • Full size avatars now work in the postbit
Bug fixes:

  • The issue where advertisement javascript was showing has been fixed (sorry about that! at least the ad still worked)
  • You can now disable sidebar advertisement wrappers if your ads are slightly off (this is turned on by default now)
  • Toggle centered advertisements has been added in case you don't want your advertisements centered (for whatever reason that might be)
Planned features for the 1.4 official release:

  • Online status indicator as icon
  • Consolidate postbit controls into a drop-down menu
  • If you have suggestions, please feel free to let us know!

Keep in mind that this is for a beta version of XenForo, but since our team at XenForo does such a good job we decided to do an official release for a beta version. We do not plan to always do this, but its for a major release so hey why not! There was very little we had to actually upgrade!

Hi all!

Aside from the very minor upgrade needed for 1.3.5 (the login helper template), we've made some minor improvements to UI.X. Mostly bug related, but there are some layout improvements that we made so that all advertisement positions now position nicely. We even added some settings to show you how and where to edit the template to add your banner into the theme!

Improvements and bugs:

  • general improvements to the layout (margins and paddings are consistent)
  • mobile improvements with layouts
  • all advertisement positions now supported
  • spam button now has an icon
  • posbit button style (postbits as buttons vs as links)you can now disable
  • posbit layout fixes
  • sticky nav can now be called on load (if you remove all space from top of nav)
  • you can remove whitespace on header elements (logoblock, userbar, navigation, etc.) and it is manually removed on mobile by default
  • Pinterest icon is fixed
  • DeviantArt FontAwesome icon now being pulled (since they just added it)

Please note: Custom themes should specifically revert the margins on: @sidebar, @uix_welcomeBlock, @breadBox, content, @footer

If you have issues with your custom theme (since minor layout changes have been made) please make a post in the thread and we will fix your issue (or create a ticket)

Thank you!