Hey everyone!

Time for another release. This release has a lot of improvements but true to my word we fixed all the major issues with UI.X last time. Be that as it may, there may be outdated style properties that you'll need to pay attention to. We really edited just about everything in this release, but I don't think anything that will drastically break your board. If you edited page_container, you'll for sure need to update that as lots of things have changed in there.

NOTE: We do not recommend you install directly and upgrade a LIVE board. Test this out first. We did a lot of JavaScript changes and we're a bit unsure of how it will perform across all boards. So if you have a live website, might be worth testing first or waiting a few days to see if bugs arise.


As posted, we are no longer doing the child-theme idea. Works well in theory but now that XenForo supports independent themes thats what we are going to do. Prices are not changing. We may increase the cost of UI.X possibly do the vast support it is needing, but we are hoping to not need to do so.

Added features:
  • Off-canvas Navigation ( :D )
  • Sticky Sidebar
  • Can now animate sticky navigations
  • CSS3/Media Query/HTML5 Shiv for IE8 and under
  • #QuickSearch input style property
  • Add font icon as breadcrumb separator (add an icon separator instead of the default border arrow)
  • Node icons as font icons
  • Style sidebar icons
  • Hide all footer icons
  • Extended footer menus given style properties and styled
  • WelcomeBlock on index only
  • Category strip font icons support
  • Classic post-bit style (horizontal style)
  • Icons in postbit/message controls
  • Item controls as buttons in postbit/messages
  • Pagination height control
  • You can now choose a max and min width and height for sticky to show up. Great if you only want sticky navs on mobile or vice versa only on desktop
  • All icons are generic, so you can change out font icons easily
  • You can now use the .megaMenu class to create large mega dropdowns
  • Condense privateTabs into one menu (essentially hides inbox/alerts and adds them together -- useful for sleek/simpler interfaces)
  • Cookie.js plugin removed and replaced with XenForo's default cookie system
  • modernizr.js added
  • JS Sticky function rewritten for increased mobile response times and compressed
  • global small font size style property added for quickly edited all small fonts
  • tertiary font family style property added
  • And a bit that I'm missing but Ill post up some more later.
  • Text logo as sticky logo
Bug Fixes:
  • Jump menu inherits from breadcrumb styling
  • Social media icons font-size override removed, not sure why this was added in
  • Pagination wraps perfectly on mobile
  • Sticky script only runs on scroll
  • Border-radius calculation runs at @maxResponsive Narrow/Medium/Widge widths
Please let me know of any issues! Members can download from audentio.com.

A few minor updates. You will only need the .xml for this.

  • Jump menu trigger displayed again (sorry for hiding it on accident)
  • Home icon in nav now works with xen porta
  • Minor css fixes on search and navigation, nothing major just making things even more robust
  • Text-indent issue when search button not present on fixed navigation
  • Navigation sidebar anchors inside navigation sidebar round correctly
Hi everyone,

By now you might be sick of the major releases, but at this point we've decided that we've done all we can do on the 'major' side of things. We've added just the right amount of 'major' features to make this product just the perfect amount of powerful. And it is powerful. So I think it is fair to call this version the final (at least for XenForo 1.X).

Don't worry we will still make minor improvements. We are planning on adding postbit styles and stuff like that, but for now I think we are quite happy with the product. So if this update screws with your style, rest assured it will be a long time before you will have to make major changes again. We're extremely happy with the turnout of UI.X and it will still continue to get more features and updates, just nothing on the scale it has been the last few times.

So without further ado here are some of the major improvements:

-- added ability to reorder user bar above or below logo block
-- added navigation styles (standard, small logo in nav, nav above logo, and logo next to nav)
-- added new search positions (next to breadcrumb, in userbar, in navigation, in tablinks)
-- ability to toggle when the search bar turns into an icon
-- always have quick search as icon
-- added style properties for various elements such as logo block, userbar, and more
-- when visitor tabs are in the user bar, the moderator/admin menu tallies up total number of alerts and also can be read or unread
-- jump to top icon fades away if not scrolling (great for mobile)
-- block style sidebar by default (looked nicer)
-- no more desktop.ini files in the .zip releases (Thanks Lorenzo)
-- officially support XenMediaGallery
-- fixed AD Styler inconsistencies with some styles
-- small logo doesnt knock down login link (this is to say, sticky nav is now perfect)
-- a lot of minor CSS improvements on various style properties, so if you see issues you might want to revert some style properties. Ask me first if you are unsure.

Thanks so much for all the support from all the customers and fans! We really really appreciate it.

This is a minor update addressing a css bug that broke the style when certain style properties were enabled. The bug was most evident to Firefox users.

Some other invalid html errors (that weren't picked up in modern browsers) were also fixed in the process.

EDIT: It should be noted that if upgrading from this update only requires that the XML file be overwritten. If you are updating from and lower, you must also upload the package.
Hello everyone,

Today we are releasing the best-yet UI.X version. I might've said that before, but I still mean it. We have completely rewritten the way the navigation is coded to allow for more and more possibilities with less and less code. We've introduced new features such as moving the logo to the navigation for super-modern design styles and also saving space. We've also built javascript functions that will allow you to move the position of elements anywhere in the page (without using Flexbox as that isn't supported by enough browsers yet).

We essentially recoded the header styling from scratch. We were unhappy with how XenForo handles the navigation styling, to their credit it is an amazing system as is but we wanted to improve it for high-end detailed designs and as it stood it just wasn't capable.

Major feature improvements:

-- Move visitorTabs (profile, alerts, inbox) to moderatorbar (now called userbar)
-- Toggle sidebar heading icons (as some people didn't want them)
-- Login handle to navigation (or userbar or just at the top like a default XenForo theme)
-- Toggle sticky/fixed navigation and or userbar so it affixes to the top of the browser
-- The functionality in the JS has been fully optimized to allow for very quick load -- lag should be a thing of the past to those who noticed it

We already have a huge list of new features planned as well!

Overally, we must emphasise how clean and organized this product is. You won't find this level of organization and feature density anywhere else! Please rate and review, we really appreciate all the support!

Hey all,

This update includes necessary functionality for the all new, recoded Drift that will be released right after this update.

-- A new page style (wrapped style, can be used instead of covered style)
-- By default, all our themes will be 1170px as opposed to the dated 960px standard. Full fluid is still as always supported and easily changeable
-- Userbanners had the gradient removed and padding applied for ease in readability
-- Gradient removed on tabs -- no more gradients on UI.X for the most part -- it is entirely 'flat' and modern as we like to think at least
-- The function that added the small logo didnt work if navigation was at the top, it does now
-- Minor touch ups in various places.

Hey all,

So sorry for the next day update, but it was necessary:
  • Fixed the issue where styler files were not being included
  • Fixed the issue where the new 1.3 images were not being included (see below for a list of those files)
  • AD Styler now always shows in view port even on resize
  • AD Styler now prefixes all local storage data with the name of the folder and the style ID - this is useful if you have multiple installations of the same skin but want the AD Stylers to have different saved configurations
  • We added a brand new feature - Move Login/Register link to navigation visitorTabs. Someone had posted this issue about short header/logos not having room for the login or register tab. Well toggle this and it should fix this issue
  • Border radius issue on breadcrumb
If you have any bugs please feel free to report them.

NOTE: If you are upgrading a sub-theme (i.e UI.X Dark, Quark, etc.) you will not need to perform any update at this time on those products, but you should bring in the following files at least to your root XenForo OR just redownload the package from Audentio Design and upload the contents of the /Upload/ folder for your convenience.

  • /ROOT_XENFORO/styles/{uix and/or uix sub theme}/xenforo/icons/missing-image.png
  • /ROOT_XENFORO/styles/{uix and/or uix sub theme}/xenforo/gplus.png
  • /ROOT_XENFORO/styles/{uix and/or uix sub theme}/xenforo/twitter-bird.png
Hey all,

We made a lot of fixes in this release, mostly bugs than features. We also, of course, upgraded to XF 1.3 which was quite easy due to how simple it is to upgrade any UI.X product.

First and foremost please remember to make backups of your products. If you do not and something goes wrong I cannot be held liable.

Bug fixes:
  • Node stats on hover now works
  • popupClosed styles were taking precedence over .selected navtabs. This has been modified (only affects navigations with tablinks removed)
  • internal links when clicked animated the viewport, made you jump to that element. Code has been removed and we are going back to the drawing board
  • AD Styler has had some minor improvements to it as well as bug fixes that have been reported regarding loading
  • A lot of search improvements, mostly for people who cannot search. We found styling being applied to those without search bars, essentially.
New features:

  • Welcome block (can be sticky as well, and you can choose guests or members). Not to replace other plugins necessarily, as it doesn't have many conditions or options. Mostly for global announcements
  • Jump top top sticky - follows you around so you can always jump to top
  • Generic contact icon in social media icons (can link to email or contact page, or anywhere else you want)

Any bugs please report and we'll get em patched right away.

Hello everyone,

For the last few months we've been working on a huge overhaul of UI.X. I can assure you this will be the last time such a huge update is made. The purpose behind this update was to better organize some of the settings in ways that would be more beneficial. Code was cleaned up, detail was given to very small places, and a whole huge list of new features and bugs were fixed.

While we do not necessarily have a comprehensive bug list (again since this was such a huge release we were more worried about getting issues resolved as soon as possible and adding the new features), we have a partial list. Ill also list out some of the many new features.



New features:

  • Added an 'extended footer' with up to four columns, completely responsive, with unique font awesome icon each. Fully customizable style properties
  • AD Styler completely recoded you can now use the style properties to define the default colors that you want to load, disable presets, choose which presets to load, and disable styler for mobile devices
  • Removed left and right padding from navtabs (huge update) including rounding first public and last private tabs. Harder than it sounds!
  • Show home tab as home icon, does not work with xenporta (shock)
  • Fixed navigation logo - to allow you to have a logo next to your public tabs when you have fixed navigation enabled
  • Retina friendly icons - this UI.X features a brand new sprite that not only looks awesome but is retina friendly. We were going to replace everything with font awesome, but hey, we need a break from that icon library some times right? :)
  • Retina friendly logo - simply upload your logo at 2x the size you want it to then define the property to be half the size of the natural width (in other words, the size you want it to show up as) and voila you have a retina friendly logo
  • Search button on quick search - and also just a regular search icon is also available. Replaces web-kits blue search icon if you do not want the button. Button/icon can be on left or right side.
  • Remove content wrapper - this is what remove tablinks used to do as a side effect. It is now a separate property
  • Separate navigation from content wrapper will allow you to optionally add a gutter width between the content and the navigation
  • Show category descriptions inline
  • Show category descriptions on hover
  • Can now customize via style properties: footer choosers, text logo icon, text logo, search button, collapse icons (which are now font awesome), covered style header and footerlegal areas, sticky/moderated/deleted threads, and navigation link and hover states (which if you'd believe it are not included in the default xenforo skin)
  • Landscape fixed header goes away to allow for an easier viewing experience on landscape mobile devices.
  • Functions.js is now minified, functions.min.js
  • Toggleable sidebar which works on both left and right sidebar positions. Can toggle any sidebar so long as the page contains a sidebar in the default xenforo sidebar syntax (which means this may not work on all plugins, such as xenporta).

  • And more! :)

Change log:

    DONE Add options in the style properties to swap logo images at smaller, mobile device views. 12/26/13
    DONE Sticky Thread CSS style property.
    DONE Add style property to change logo font.
    DONE UIX style groups need to be explictly ordered
    DONE navtabs padding left (12/30/13)
    DONE floating notification icon
    DONE changing @uix_largerBorderRadius breaks @uix_slogan arrow thingy
    DONE add subforum font awesome icons
    DONE moderator bar links need #FFF color hard-coded
    DONE Social Media icons pull @uix_globalBorderRadius for box shadow and margins. Change.
    DONE When removing background color from individual social media icons within the style properties, background -color is set to a gray color. Change.
    DONE Add matching resource icons. 12/26/13
    DONE Deleted threads style property. (check moderated threads as well) (12/31/13)
    DONE Vertically center RSS icons when nodes not side-by-side. (12/31/13)
    DONE Close icon needs to be font awesome. (12/31/13)
    DONE Add sidebar icons to members and resources page. Redo other sidebar icons to minimalize template markup. (Also check widget framework.) (12/31/13)
    DONE Now able to edit navLink color from the style properties. (12/31/13)
    DONE QuickSearchPlaceholder now pulls appropriate colors depending on search position. (12/31/13)
    DONE home icon same size as inbox/alerts icons (font-style: normal; -webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased; -moz-osx-font-smoothing: grayscale;) (1/2/14)
    DONE subforums follow node style (1/2/14)
    DONE add always show moderator bar setting (1/4/14)
    DONE Make social media icon CSS rules more general so they appear as they should no matter the location on the page. (1/4/14)
    DONE Make Moderator Bar link style properties more specific. (1/4/14)
    DONE Create style properties for footer choosers (1/6/14)
    DONE On smaller devices, the sticky navigation can take up quite a bit of space. Create a setting that disables sticky navigation for smaller views. (1/8/14)
    DONE First public navtab rounds correctly at every configuration. This includes cases for which the first public navtab is an open popup or is the current page tab. (1/8/14)
    DONE For when home tab is removed and the current navtab is the first public navtab, correct box-show(border) displays as appropriate for every configuration (1/8/14)
    DONE UnfixNavigation for smaller browser heights doesn't work when navigation is at top. Fixed with css.(1/8/14)
     DONE last private navtab need appropriate rounding (1/13/14)
    DONE Form overlays aren't centered.(1/13/14)

    DONE Scrub webkit search icons. Add own search icon. (1/17/14)
    DONE Sign up page. With sticky header. Absence of login bar. Unecessary margin at top of navigation. (1/17/14)
    DONE Fluid width settings. (1/23/14)
    DONE Mobile logo, sticky logo options.
    DONE Add margin-right to #logo to prevent quicksearchplaceholder overlap. (1/24/14)
    DONE QuickSearchPlaceholder pulls wrong color when at search position 2. (1/24/14)
    DONE Toggle list items need to pull breadcrumb border color, not primary border. (1/24/14)
    DONE When node table style turned off, .forum_view .nodeList#forums still has a border. (1/24/14)
    DONE .navTabs .navTab:first-child.selected .navLink unnecessarily gets a box-shadow when first visitor tab is selected. (1/24/14)
    DONE Javascript error: logo h1 updates when new thread is being created. (Fixed for UI.X. Sub-themes need fixing though. 12/26/13)
    DONE File structuring of products. Change 'style' folder to '[product name]'
    DONE Caching issues.
    DONE Inline-styling remaining after refresh. Makes hover states impossible.
    DONE Color picker doesnt supported rgb(a) values.
    DONE For each skin, make mebercard element selectors more specific for AD Styler to work properly.
    DONE For presets, must change font-URL for preset's initially loaded, default font
    DONE Loads fonts on click of font menu
    DONE Color swatches.
    DONE AD Styler tooltips dont work.
    DONE AD Styler doesn't recognize hexadecimal colors of lengths less than 6 characters.
    DONE Internal link jump is broken when navigation sticky is enabled.
    DONE more thought needs to be put into how the visitor tabs get styled. .popupClosed takes precedence over .selected. This exists because selected publics tabs typically don't have a dropdown when tablinks are shown.

Thank you! Please report any bugs and we will get to them as quickly as we can!
Other than the upgrade, we made a few changes:

  • Color swatches code moved to a template
  • Color swatches icon added
  • Footer responsive code tweaked
  • Upgraded to latest Font Awesome version (should fix Firefox issues @yavuz)
  • Sticky thread style property
  • Text logo style property
  • Text logo icon style property
  • We hard coded various style properties that weren't working very well for reasons unknown to us, such as responsive content padding
  • Hard coded some values of white, such as in the moderator bar links and buttons (easier for customizing)
  • Center logo style property
  • Text-selection style property
  • Various minor bug fixes
  • And much more
License holders can download from Audentio Design customer area.
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