I'm getting a bunch of errors in my server error log!

Ensure you've installed the UI.X Add-on per our documentation.

There isn't an XML file in the package

You've downloaded the add-on which is required for the style to function correctly. You can review our documentation for installation instructions.

Can I remove the branding on UI.X 2?

Yes, you are able to remove the branding without having to purchase branding removal. This is applicable for all XF2 based products at ThemeHouse. View thisblog post for more information on branding removal.

When I install UI.X 2 why does it include two different styles?

UI.X 2 creates a parent and child style. The child style can be used to make your own edits to the theme.

Can I edit the parent style?

Under no circumstances should you edit the parent style; only edit the child style. If you create a child style based off the primary style.When editing the primary styles properties, templates, and other settings. All edits made to the primary will be copied over to the child style.

Can I test UI.X 2 before I purchase it?

Yes you can as we offer a demo which allows you to test out UI.X 2 before you purchase it. (note: this forum resets every twenty-four hours)

Where do I set my API key?

Set your API key by navigating to Setup > Options > [UI.X] General Settings > Add the API key in the field box marked “API Key”.

How long does it take before I am able to download UI.X 2 after purchasing it?

You will be able to download UI.X 2 after purchasing it. You can find the download link by navigating to your account dashboard > purchases > select UI.X 2 > Click the large green download button before uploading that into your forums root.

If you don’t receive you purchase after a few moments, go ahead and create a ticket on our support portal.

How do I add my own social media links?

This can be done by navigating to Setup > Options > [UI.X] Social Media. From there you are able to add custom social media links.

Is [TH] Nodes free when I purchase UI.X 2?

Yes, [TH] Nodes is added to your account automatically after your purchase of UI.X 2.

Do I have to have the UI.X 2 add-on installed?

Yes, you must have the UI.X 2 add-on installed to avoid issues or error messages on your forum. Some theme functions may not operate without this add-on. This add-on also allows you to install the themes with just a few clicks.

Where can I find the UI.X 2 theme files?

You will find the theme files in your account dashboard. Navigate to Purchases before looking for UI.X 2. Click on that purchase before looking for the version history as you should see a small green download button next to the latest version(s). Click on that button to grab the theme files.

How do I change the node icons for each forum?

Be sure that you have [TH] Nodes installed before you do this. This add-on is provided free of charge when you purchase UI.X 2. Navigate to: Forums > Node layout and styling > Select the primary theme your using > Click one of the forums before clicking on Node Icons > From there input whichever icons you’d like. We offer Material or FontAwesome based icons.

How would I be able to add in my own fonts?

Navigate to: Appearance > Style Properties > Typography. From there you are able to add in your own fonts. You can also change the text size, font weight, and so much more.

How do I set the default width toggle?

Navigate to: Appearance > Style Properties > Page Setup > Default Width Toggle > Select one of the options that you’d like in the drop-down before clicking save.

Can I move the sidebar to the left instead of the right?

Sure you can. Navigate to Appearance > Style Properties > Sidebar > Sidebar location > Select left before clicking save.

Why aren’t visitors able to view the Welcome Block?

This is due to the unregistered users permissions. Go and allow the group ability to “Show welcome section” before clicking save. After you do that, unregistered users should be able to see your welcome block.

I dislike the default prefix colors, where can I change those colors?

You are able to change the default prefix colors by navigating to Appearance > Style Properties > Prefixes > From there you are able to change the colors to whatever you like. After you’ve changed them all be sure to click save.

How do I get rid of the ripple effect on buttons?

Navigate to: Appearance > Style Properties > Buttons > Untick Button ripple effect before clicking save.

How do I set the small logo which is seen when I view my forum on a mobile device?

You are able to change the small logo image link by navigating to Appearance > Style Properties > Basic Options > Logo small image path > Input your own small logo image link into the field box before clicking save.
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