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I installed it on my forum today and it works pretty well!. It does save lots of scrolling if you have lots of forums.
Such a simple, but such a critical concept to allow your users to easily collapse or expand various sections on your forums. BRAVO!
Wow!! What an amazing add-on! I simply searched for a workaround to minimise postbits, and of course I found this. Initially I had some style issues - getting it to work with my theme, but I sorted that myself and I can't believe how intuitive this is..

Just instantly saved HUGE gaps between thread posts, because of postbits.

Bravo and thank you!!
One of my favorite addons, I love it, very useful and working perfect in 1.4.5. to me is one of the best addons have many options, the developer is awesome. thanks cclaerhout ;)
This is much handier than I thought it would be--for the right type of forum. Nice work. Elegantly implemented. This is much handier than I thought it would be--for the right type of forum. Nice work. Elegantly implemented.
Awesome, when i get some money, ill donate a few bucks to you. Thank you and please keep making awesome stuff for us. Also is their away we can submit ideas to you. because i honestly like your style. Plus you stay on top of your add-ons with updates.
The most flexible add-on of its kind. Five stars.
Well crafted that comes with regular updates and outstanding support. Highly recommended. Carry on pal! :)
Great add on, love it.
Really helps to tidy of the thread view and reduce clutter.
Thanks for sharing cclaerhout :)
Very useful and well maintained. Highly recommended.
Works great. Lovely addon.
Nice addon, thanks!
Works very well. Lots of options.
Very Useful, i think this should be a Core feature.
Wow!! What an amazing add-on with so many options to pick and choose from. A truly excellent add-on and amazing work you've done bring this for us Cedric.
nice plugin! Miss in XF!
Thank you so much! Really saves me a manual template edit from having to hide extra postbit info stuff.
Wonderful addon. Important functions especially for any site which is not tiny or simple. Simplify user experience! The admin interface is easy yet detailed. It WORKS. But the best thing is Cedric the developer who is fast, efficient, courteous - top class. He could not have done more to help me.
Used it to add collapsible categories in the forum list. Easy to use, and the template style properties were a very welcome surprise. I was expecting to have to edit the css files to set the colors and stuff. I did need one css edit, but that was just to use a different icon for the collapse arrow.
My users love to toggle :) Thank you Cedric for this nice addon.
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