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  1. I'm using the TaigaChat Pro - Realtime chat/shoutbox and I can't see the toogle box?
    This hack is no more needed in the version 3.x.
    First of all this reply is just going to concern the shoutbox above or below the forums list. You will have to modify the template "dark_taigachat_chatbox".
    • Create a template modification
      • template: dark_taigachat_chatbox
      • Modification Key: yourwebite_taigachat_category
      • Description: Wrap taigachat with category
      • Search type: Regular Expression
      • Search:
        #[\t ]*?<h3><a href='{xen:link '{\$taigachat\.route}'}.*?</h3>#s
      • Replace:
        <div class="nodeInfo categoryNodeInfo categoryStrip">     
           <div class="categoryText">
      • Addon: if you don't have an addon for your website, you can create one and each time you do such a modification you can save it inside the addon. It allows you to exports after all the modifications. Useful for backups.
    • Save
  2. Some widgets can be toggled other can't
    It's because some widgets don't have a standard layout. Try to give it a standard html structure. I will not support any of this.

  3. I can't see the toggle button image for my theme, what's going on ?
    If you're using a custom theme with a custom directory, the images directory of the addon must all be uploaded to this directory too.

  4. I've updated to the last update but I can't see the JavaScript modifications in action yet...
    Clear your broswer cache or increment the XenForo JavaScript version number parameter to force your Javascript files to update:
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