[Tinhte] XenTag

Unmaintained [Tinhte] XenTag 3.2.5

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Fix Create Forum Bug.
Fix Search with Category Bug.
A mirror bug fix

Added guide for limiting number of tags in Tag Cloud Side bar, #4.

  1. Support tags for multiple content-type (each content-type addon for XenTag required). XenCarta Addon for XenTag could be downloaded here.
  2. Two premium widgets for Widget Framework (Related Threads by tag & Threads by Tag).
  3. Support Udu comma character for separating tags.
  4. Global Tag Require & Maximum tags options.
  5. Tag Require & Maximum tags options per forum.
  6. Support php 5.4.
  • Fixed Tag Edit permission on Tag box
  • Remove Delete/Backspace key for deleting tag
  • Other small bugs.
You may (or should) re-build search index after upgrade this addon to see full tagged content on tag pages.
  • Fix Firefox JavaScript incompatible issue
  • Fix IE8 JavaScript incompatible issue
Fix a bug in Uninstaller class. Everybody can ignore this update if you have no plan to uninstall this add-on.
Fix a bug: Thread Quick Reply Editor issue was fixed in this version.
Fix bug: Manage tags in Quick Thread Edit
1. Fix bug: Invalid widget renderer 'Tinhte_XenTag_WidgetRenderer_RelatedThreads' specified
2. Fix bug: tag text are not visible in Quick Thread Edit
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