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Unmaintained The Mini Parser (only for developers) 1.3.5

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The Mini Parser (only for developers)
A parser to convert Bb Codes to Html with a few useful options

Here is the mini parser I've used to create the table Bb Code inside the TinyMCE Quattro addon. I haven't tested it as a main parser but like a nested parser inside the XenForo parser. The purpose was to parse special tags ({b}This is a special tag{/b}) that were used inside normal tags ([b][This is a normal tag[/b]) managed by XenForo.

It certainly not as good as the official one but the use is not really the same and it has a few options that might be useful for developers (see directly in the class) and the Bb Codes can have many settings: allowed/forbidden parents, allowed/forbidden children, disable text nodes (inside content, inside and after content [this last setting is only useful when used inside another parser of course]), etc.

Here's an example on how to use it (inside the XenForo formatter), search: Sedo_TinyQuattro_Helper_MiniParser

Here's another example on how to use independently (bottom of the file)

I would need to write a short faq for it when I find time.

Note: the default configuration is to parse special tags ({tag}). You can modify this in the parser options.

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  1. Version 1.3.5 released

    Version 1.3.5 released Code has been optimized
  2. Version 1.3.3 released

    Version 1.3.3 released New features of 1.3.0 release have been rewritten
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    Version 1.3.0 released New mode to check and correct Bb Codes structure (ref) => using an...
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