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Start Conversation from Post Bit 1.3

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This add-on puts a "Start a Conversation" link below a user's avatar. There's a few benefits over the template edits that are usually advised:
  • Some empty CSS classes are assigned to the elements in the conversation_postbit template. This should enable you to customise this, or even replace the text with an image.
  • The link will only show if you have permission to start a conversation with that user (just like the member card).
  • No template edits or code changes required.
This add-on can be installed using the Add-On Installer.

  • Extract the contents of the Zip file.
  • Upload the contents of the upload folder to the root of your XenForo installation.
  • Install in the Admin CP using the provided XML file.
Chris D
First release
Last update


4.91 star(s) 11 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Fixes access denied errors (conversation link now only visible to members)

    Fixes access denied errors (conversation link now only visible to members)
  2. Resolves errors with thread redirects and guest threads

    Resolves errors with thread redirects and guest threads
  3. Actually contains the aforementioned fix...

    Uploaded wrong version :rolleyes:

Latest reviews

As usual... Another great ad-on
Really good and useful add-on. Would like to have it not only in plain text but in the style like "Follow Me Postbit Icon"
Excellent addon from an excellent source! just upload the library folder to the library folder in ftp and upload the xml file in admin and it configures itself 8-) thanks chris
Great work, thank you very much.
Great add-on. Thanks!
Really useful, annoying to start conversations before.
Another Excellent stuff from Chris, works as advertised.
Wonderful add-on,. Highly recommended.
Another fine example by Christ Deeming. Nicely done.
Awesome resource, excellent work as always!
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