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Since XenForo by default only allow import smiles one by one. This addon allow you to bulk import from uploaded folder.

This is my first addon ever when join XenForo, it was couple of month already so the code might not totally optimized but I still hope it would help someone here :)

Functions and Change Logs:
- Allow to import from System's local path.
- Allow to import from URLs (Requested by 8thos)
- Code improvement with XenForo's AJAX power.

Donation and Support:

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Latest updates

  1. sonnb - Smiles bulk importer updated to version 1.0.4

    Change logs: - Added function to check for duplicating smilie_text, it would add a random number...
  2. sonnb - Smiles bulk importer updated to version 1.0.3

    Change logs: - Fix error when inputting 2 fields - Fix error when importing a lot of smilies.
  3. sonnb - Smiles bulk importer updated to version 1.0.2

    Change logs: - Allow to import from URLs. - Code improvement with XenForo's AJAX power.

Latest reviews

Great, maybe for the next update can bulk change images path
Great addon that makes importing a large amount of smillies very easy.
Many Thanks!
Excellent resource
Great addon!!
Makes life so much easier :)
Excellent addon.
Amazing. This should be integrated by default into the official xenForo.

If you are looking for a massive smiley importer, I would recommend this.
Couldn't have imported my 200 smilies without this!
Used this to add Shelley's smiley pack. Works perfectly. Thanks.
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