sonnb - Smiles bulk importer

Unmaintained sonnb - Smiles bulk importer 1.0.4

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Great, maybe for the next update can bulk change images path
Great addon that makes importing a large amount of smillies very easy.
Many Thanks!
Excellent resource
Great addon!!
Makes life so much easier :)
Excellent addon.
Amazing. This should be integrated by default into the official xenForo.

If you are looking for a massive smiley importer, I would recommend this.
Couldn't have imported my 200 smilies without this!
Used this to add Shelley's smiley pack. Works perfectly. Thanks.
Exquisite share! Thanks :)
Excellent resource. There's nothing else like this, so I can remove any stars :)

Only on minor issue with duplicate filenames in multiple directories but it's easily worked around :)
Works as intended. Should be xenforo core!
Helped me big time. Thanks for this excellent addon :)