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It's time to stop annoying users with unreadable text or silly questions. Swipe and welcome is all we need, and this is just perfect!
Works great so far, I highly recommend it for an easy to use and un-intrusive captcha option. Works great on desktop as well as on mobile devices. Keep up the good work.
Simpy a must have, just installed this and the simplicity of use and security are absolutely amazing.
Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Really nice and slick captcha method. Easy for humans - way easier than recaptcha which I find infuriatingly hard to get right sometimes.
So it's installed on and working nicely.
gr8 add on, works fine at my xf 1.3 ...
thank you ...
This is a really amazing captcha add-on. So far I've not had any bot registrations and is very easy to verify. I really hope this keeps being updated and remains effective. :)
Tan Tran
Tan Tran
Thank you. I will keep you updated.
Terrific add-on and captcha. Users love it.
Just be careful of the timeout option, if you set a low value than no-one can ever pass the captcha and instead get an error. Put my as 0 (disabled) and its great.
Tan Tran
Tan Tran
Thanks for your feedback.
Switched from KeyCAPTCHA to this because it's actually supported the Forgotten Password page. Some other Also, this is a good method from stopping bots. Thank you for this awesome plugin!
Tan Tran
Tan Tran
Thank you!
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