Signup abuse detection and blocking

Signup abuse detection and blocking 1.15.6

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  • Fix "Banned emails must be unique. The specified banned email is already in use" occurring when banning the same email domain multiple times in the same approval run
  • Adjust various "ASN related phrases to be more consistent
  • Update link to team-cymru's ip to ASN mapping service
  • Fix spam-check for account details page would check non-editable custom fields and custom fields not on that page
  • Fix error blocking a user editing their account details when spam checking was required, and a custom field had been set on their profile and then the custom field was deleted.
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  • Fix some options where not fully phrased
  • Fix detection method "ip and cookie" would not work correctly when email link/api switch was detected
  • Spam-check custom fields, website and location when editing account details
    • This was done at signup but not when editing account details
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  • Fix setting up tor detection configuration on new install
    • It was adding a "1" to the server field, which was causing a redundant DNS lookup which should fail
  • Update Tor scoring to support non-numeric scoring (ie explicit reject/moderate/add-to-group/none)
  • For new installs, enable "Show Detection Methods" option by default.
    • This option will likely be removed in future releases and always enabled
  • On install, only enable getipintel if the "Contact email address" option is a valid email address
  • Better handle when getipintel rate-limit is being applied to avoid server IP bans
The getipintel feature has a 500 queries per day limit on the free plan.

When using shared hosting, this include XenForo Cloud, you may receive the following error:
[SignupAbuseBlocking] Server appears banned from, disabling getipintel option

If this happens, you can contact getipintel for information about a paid plan. Re-enabling the integration using the free plan may result in further (and longer lasting) IP bans from this service.
  • Require Standard Library by Xon v1.18.0+.
  • Fix "Allowed email domains" admincp page didn't assert a specific admin permission
  • Fix warning being logged when viewing Signup Abuse blocking options & Content Title history add-on is enabled
  • Detect multi-account usage for api-token logins (exposed via Frictionless Login 3rd party add-on)
  • Update default ASN block lists, this does not affect existing sites.
  • Ensure API integration is configured by default.
    • For existing installs; If this feature has been explicitly turned off, it will not be enabled.
  • Ensure various permissions are assigned to the stock admin group:
    • [SignupAbuse] Banning email domains
    • [SignupAbuse] Banning ASN
    • [SignupAbuse] Approving email domains
  • Add "Anti-Spam" navigation group under the user block in the admincp, with an updatable list of anti-spam related options.
  • Add new "Manage anti-spam" admin permission, automatically assigned to users with "options", which controls managing the above anti-spam options.
  • Add expiry & ban reason when banning users via batch user update
  • Add "Enable open port scan feature" option. This is default disabled, for sites using this feature it must be explicitly enabled
  • Fix detection of per-user email links being touched by the wrong user did not generate multi-account reports
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  • Fix user approval queue entry was always had the last activity added even if the user couldn't view it
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