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Signup abuse detection and blocking 1.0.7

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  • Do not error when multi-account notifications via reports are sent to a forum instead of the report centre.
    • It is recommended to use the "multi-account to thread" extra instead of reports + send reports to forum. If a licence does not include this extra/add-on, please open a ticket and it will be added free of charge.
  • Stop ASN matching on first match found
  • Fix array-as-string error when using port-scanning with multiple open ports detected
  • Store user signup registration records as json, not php serialize (converts any incorrectly stored records)
  • (Hopefully) Suppress a duplicate entry error when tapatalk is installed
  • On upgrade, ensure columns are migrated to XF2.1 format (json instead of php serialized).
  • Fix that the port-scan test would log the port with the wrong phrase argument, and fix incorrect logs
  • Support XF2.0 and XF2.1
  • Compatibility fix when using Report Improvements for XF2
  • Fix error viewing multi-account report for a deleted user