Signup abuse detection and blocking

Signup abuse detection and blocking 1.15.6

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Q. After installing the addon or enabling getipintel an error is reported and the getipintel integration is disable
A. [COLOR=hsl(var(--xf-editorFocusColor))]The getipintel[COLOR=hsl(var(--xf-editorFocusColor))].com/][/COLOR]getipintel[COLOR=hsl(var(--xf-editorFocusColor))] feature has a 500 queries per day limit on the free plan.[/COLOR]

When using shared hosting, this include XenForo Cloud, you may receive the following error:
[SignupAbuseBlocking] Server appears banned from, disabling getipintel option

If this happens, you can contact getipintel for information about a paid plan. Re-enabling the integration using the free plan may result in further (and longer lasting) IP bans from this service.

Known issues
  • This is not a turn-key solution for blocking spam, but rather a toolkit.
    • On banning a spammer, it is recommended to check the "User Registration Record" for that user and check the signup IP to see if it is associated with an ISP which provides VPN, hosting, or proxy services but not residential services
      If so, you may wish to consider adding that ISP to be grey listed (ie auto-moderate) or blacklisted (auto-reject).
  • "Multi-account to thread" does not support merging threads, it will generate a new report thread if it's target is merged or hard deleted.
  • There may be GDPR considerations due to the additional information collected and exposed to staff. This information is currently not purged when the account is deleted.
  • Geo location information is not an exact science, and VPN providers are adversarial at ensuring ip-geo location may not be accurate
Port scanning proxy

Bundled with this add-on is a simple php script to run the port-scanner service remotely (port_scanner.php). Host port_scanner.php on a webserver somewhere, allowing only your webserver to access it! and then enter the URL into the relevant add-on option.
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