Signup abuse detection and blocking

Signup abuse detection and blocking 1.15.6

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Used to be absolutely overrun by spam bots, even though I don't run a "real" forum. Tried pretty much every CAPTCHA and it felt like barely a speed bump. This addon catches the majority of them, to the point where I rarely have to even delete any spam at all. 100% recommended.
Took care of all my spambot problems! SO GLAD I found this plugin and the developer took the time to help me with the install.
This addon works perfectly. Also using the Report to Conversation and Report to Thread child addons. Our primary need was for multiple account detection as we have a number of evil-doers who try to either bypass bans or assume multiple personalities just to annoy our community. It's also helpful in flagging people who register new accounts because they have forgotten their username or password and have an old email in their account. This alerts me to the opportunity to merge their accounts. Xon is an excellent developer and he helped me work through a couple installation issues. I would have gladly paid twice the price for this high quality piece of software.
This has basically cut down the majority of spam I was getting (20-30 per day at one point), and also has helped with people trying to bypass account bans about 80% of the time.

One of the most valuable addons I've purchased.
This spam blocking addon by Xon is absolutely essential for any XF install. It's kept our forums basically free of spam since I installed it. Xon's paid and free addons are top-notch, frequently updated and support is excellent.
If you have a large forum and are not using this, you are screwing yourself. This addon is insanely good and the developer frequently updates, unlike most addon devs...
I've used this for over a year on a large forum with over 20 million posts. It's been working with no problems. We get a LOT of spam signups and this is pretty helpful to get rid of them. Configuration is complicated, and it does reject some users who I later choose to accept, but it works.
So glad to see this addon with updates as needed! The work you put into this is very much appreciated!
The most useful XenForo add-on. Combats duplicate accounts, bots, spam, VPNs, proxies, bad IPs. Worth every cent.
Another addon truly worthy of a 6 star rating.

Hugely powerful with a plethora of options, and constant evolution to ensure that any new potential ways to allow spammers/scammers into your site, is slammed fast.

The ASN Connection matching and proxy blocking is absolutely brilliant and when configured correctly you end up with an insanely powerful protection mechanism for your forum.

If you value your forum, buy it. It really is a no brainer!
Absolutely essential tool for preventing targeted spam from VPN users, mechanical turk farms, etc. 2.x has been missing this and Xon delivered. Importing our old settings from TPU Detect Spam saved a lot of time.
If configured correctly, completely stops spam and banned users from coming back and trying to cause havoc. With the GetIPIntel integration added in 1.6.0, it does a great job at detecting proxies/vpns and "bad ips".
An absolutely essential addon for preventing spam. I couldn't have upgraded to Xenforo 2 without it. Great flexibility for deciding who should be automatically moderated or rejected. By tweaking the number of points for certain countries, javascript disabled, email extensions, etc, it's possible to prevent the vast majority of spammer from registering and posting.
A very sophisticated add-on which brings a huge number of configurations-options with it. Fight spammers successfully with this add-on. Every cent worth it and another must-have!
This add-on has greatly reduced the amount of spam we get over @ our site. Prior to installing this, multiple spam accounts per week would slip through and be allowed to post spam threads. 99% of them are caught by the advanced filtering rules in this mod.

Highly recommended for any website suffering from a spam problem 😄
This is most likely my favorite add-on developer. Signup Abuse and Protection, User Essentials, and Conversation Essentials are all must haves for your forum site. Furthermore the dedication and hard work Xon has shown in keeping his add-ons up to date and bug free are tremendous. All three add-ons are well worth the price.
Xon has some of the most useful addons and this is one of them. He also has unrivaled support. Literally fixing bugs within a day.
I was looking for an alter ego detector and this is the best, i love the multi-account to thread without making duplicated threads. Xon support is a plus, worth every penny.
I was looking for that add-on since a long time, and now he is available! Xon is fixing every report bug very fast, thank you!
Absolute essential add-on to reduce tedious moderator work and cleanup. Extensive set of options let you tweak rejection logic to suit your site making this add-on a no-brainer. Have been using for a few weeks now and can't imagine going without it for future projects.
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