Love it! Super easy, barely anything to configure, and it WORKS! I was looking for Bandcamp support in particular, but the list just keeps going and going and going! LOL Fantastic stuff! Thanks so much!
What a great addon, this should be one of the first addons you install for Xenforo. Thanks for all the updates!
A must addon for every Xenforo installation. I appreciate your work. Thank you for adding Threads to the mix.
This is an absolute essential for any Xenforo operator. Thank you so much for contributing this to the community.
I would argue it's a must-have for every XF installation. The support is also great and very in detail. Keep up to great work :)
Hardworking coder! Very nice add-on! It really delivers on the promises, making it butter-smooth for our users. Thumbs up all the way!
Works a charm! Seamlessly! My main purpose was to be able to embed Rumble videos. Perfect! Thanks very much for this! Highly recommended.
Excellent addon that has helped us so much over the years and we appreciate the constant development as well.
Great job and added vitality to my site
With a lot of good features
Thank you and I always hope to develop this addon
Works brilliant. Should be stock. Thank you for your excellent work, very much appreciated by our community.
Very very usefull !
It works like a charm for me. No more video problems..
Thank you so much for sharing this !
Absolute must have addon !
This is a wonderful addon to our site. So many sources, easy install, great support. We use a lot of rumble non-youtube news sources, this covers a lot of them and our users are very pleased. Keep up the great work and folks, donate!!!
Very useful add-on. And it is free! Donate if you can so Joshy can continue supporting it for years to come. Oh yeah, Joshy, change the addon logo to another one with a better resolution. It is definitely worth it haha.
quickly solved a number of access issues that I didn't want to deal with. A real time saver. Thanks s9e !
It looks good and fast .. I launched it on my site and noticed faster media playback and I think you deserve an excellent rating.
Very nice add-on! It really delivers on the promises, making it butter-smooth for our users. Thumbs up all the way!
Works like charm. Wanted to add tiktok embed, and found a whole package!. Thank you very much for your hardwork
Very good and useful add-on, it works fine on my forum. Thanks @Joshy for sharing this for free. Good mind !
Still an awesome help for forume with a lot of embedded stuff! I am happy to see it still in XenForo 2.
Thank you for all your hard work and constant updating of this awesome addition for XF. You are appreciated.
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