Rotate 1.9

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Rotate v1.9 changes:

1) Updated Phrase to explain what bypass cache means.
2) Rotate link now only shows below post if there are attachments.
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Rotate v1.8 changes:

Now follows the Can Edit Post permission so it's possible to allow Registered users to use this add-on.

Please do a complete uninstall of previous version before installing this new version.
Rotate v1.7 changes:

Now supports non-default sized thumbnails.
Rotate v1.6 changes:

Added Options page.
Rotate v1.5 changes:

Added code to detect current version of Imagick in order to run correct code.
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Rotate v1.4 changes:

Added Options page with a setting to show which version of Imagick is being used.
Rotate v1.3 changes:

Fixed minor phrase issue.
Rotate v1.2 changes:

Updated PHP code.
Rotate v1.1 changes:

Updated PHP code.