Rotate 1.9

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This is a must-have resource. It works beautifully. It is a real time saver over manually rotating images from mobile devices.
Well done, and Thank You!
This is a must-have add-on for my forum. Works beautifully. Thanks for yet another awesome add on Andy.
I'm not sure how I could accomplish rotating a picture w/o using this add-on. Other than perhaps download the picture, delete the existing attachment, rotate the picture while on my PC, then re-upload it once again. Talk about a Time-Saver, this add-on is a godsend when you need it!

With so many users snapping pics with their cellphones nowadays (many with an in-phone autorotate function), you are bound to have a real need for this add-on if your forum encourages members to upload their pictures.
Fantastic - in a time, everybody have a smartphone or tablet with photo cam, but the peopel dont understand to rotate there pictures bevor upload - this is a realy helpfull addon. Thanks Andy and thanks to share this for free, what seems to be today not normaly. :)
This is a real bug bare for me, i find when i upload from my phone this always happens and it frustrates the crap out of me. Thanks for this.