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Report Improvements by Xon 1.9.2

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  • Fix report comments not auto-linking URLs, migrate URLs to format used by XF2
    • Note; Upgrading from XF1 to XF2 does not currently do this migration.
  • Migrate old user mentions in report comment to the same format as XF2
    • Fixes existing user mentions being garbled.
New features (Thanks @NixFifty)
  • Render smilies in reports comments
  • Automagically resolve/reject reports that have not received attention in x days (default disabled)
Maintenance tweaks:
  • Remove redundant query when handling new comments
  • ElasticSearch 6 single-type index fixes
    • May require re-indexing from scratch due to mappings updates
  • Integrate reply-bans into warning process.
    • On issuing a warning, options under 'content tab' to issue a reply ban
    • Admin settable defaults for;
      • Reply ban type; none/temporary/permanent.
      • Reply ban duration
      • Send alerts
        • Reply ban reason is automatically set to the warning title if empty.
    • Reply bans issued from a post warning automatically log to the post report.
  • Display linked reports when reporting a post
  • Display linked reports when deleting a post (even from deleting a thread)
    • Individual or single deletes can resolve linked reports, if the user has permission.
    • Individual or single deletes will log to an existing report regardless, logging the delete reason if provided.
  • Report Criteria;
  • Move "All Reports against User" link out of template modification and into a template for styling.
  • Fix "All Reports against User" link not showing for moderators, when Report Queues add-on (paid) is not installed.
  • Fix undefined method error that can occur during add-on install.
  • On the user's profile, under moderator tools; Add search for all reports against a user link.
    • Injects new variable onto $visitor object; canSearchReports.
Likes: Sunka
  • Compatibility fix for upcoming (paid) Report Queue's add-on which enables multiple queues to be used with the Report Centre.
  • For moderated content, Fix spamcleaner link for non-root XF installs