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Redactor Page Editor 1.0.0 BETA 2

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Thank you so much for donating. It is always appreciated!

Redactor Page Editor replaces the standard textarea on the Page Node Edit page in the Admin CP with the Redactor HTML editor:


This allows you to produce pages in a WYSIWYG editor rather than writing your pages in raw HTML.

In the current BETA build there may be a small amount of disparity between the styling in the editor and the styling in the outputted page.

Please report any such issues in the Discussion tab.
Chris D
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Latest updates

  1. Disables the convertDivs setting

    The convertDivs setting is enabled by default. It removes divs and converts them to <p> tags...

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This is simple amazing!!! I was making a custom html page for a node and I was so frustrated because I don't know much about coding (even html).
I tried download html visual editors but the only one that could be worked was Dreamweaver and I couldn't install it… And finally I found this! omg, thank you so so much for this simple but wonderful add-on!
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