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Quick Reply Preview 1.4.4

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Outstanding feature!
Quick & clean.
Another useful resource. It allows you to preview your post without having to wait for the advanced editor page to load. Not that I can't be patient, but still.
Sooooo important to decrease uncorrected quick answer typos. Should be part of the xf core. Works great with xf 1.5.6 and even with external styles. Thanks a lot!
Much better than going to a new page. Thanks Yorick :)
Should have been in the core from the start. Outstanding, thank you so much for developing this. :-)
Nice share. I rated 4 stars because I've had one hell of a time customizing the css to fit my custom style. After a bit of tweaking though = it looks good! Thanks so much for the share ;)

5 Stars totally works as advertised! Must have feature for any forum.
Great mod, just what my users were asking for.
Love it. 5 Stars. This should be default in Xenforo. Yet another excellent addon that reduces the number of unnecessary clicks to preview before posting. Thanks Chris.
Useful addon, works well.
Smart idea.
A must and should be in core. Great, thanks a lot!
works fine, thank you!
Now this should be core.
just what my members were requesting, thanks!
Great. Does everything it should. Thanks Chris!
Simply perfect, I always asked myself why this isn't core function of xenForo. Thank you.
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