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Quick Reply Preview 1.4.4

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Sooooo important to decrease uncorrected quick answer typos. Should be part of the xf core. Works great with xf 1.5.6 and even with external styles. Thanks a lot!
Love it. 5 Stars. This should be default in Xenforo. Yet another excellent addon that reduces the number of unnecessary clicks to preview before posting. Thanks Chris.
Now this should be core.
Simply perfect, I always asked myself why this isn't core function of xenForo. Thank you.
Great. Does everything it should. Thanks Chris!
works fine, thank you!
The update fixed my issues thank you!
just what my members were requesting, thanks!
Another useful resource. It allows you to preview your post without having to wait for the advanced editor page to load. Not that I can't be patient, but still.
A must and should be in core. Great, thanks a lot!
Nice share. I rated 4 stars because I've had one hell of a time customizing the css to fit my custom style. After a bit of tweaking though = it looks good! Thanks so much for the share ;)

Quick & clean.
Outstanding feature!
Smart idea.
Useful addon, works well.
I love you and want to have your babies.
Chris D
Chris D
:D My wife has gotten there first, sorry. But glad you like the add-on ;)
Great mod, just what my users were asking for.
5 Stars totally works as advertised! Must have feature for any forum.
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