[n] Template Security

Unmaintained [n] Template Security 1.1.0

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As is often said: "An ounce of Prevention, is worth a POUND of Cure."

That is sage advice to any administrator and this add-on can go a l-o-n-g way in protecting both your forum -and- your user's private data. The potential for the amount of hours this single add-on could save you is staggering, if/when someone ever tries to hack your forum.

It was developed in response to a security breach on TheAdminZone and works very well to arrest several issues that may arise (sooner or later) with any co-Administrators on your own forums. (Ref: https://theadminzone.com/threads/security-breach.138687/)

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED & THANXX to Apantic for taking the time/effort to develop this top-notch add-on!
Nice to have an add-on that helps with securing our forums from malicious code and attacks. Thanks for releasing it.