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admin access

  1. MyIPH.ca

    XF 1.4 Administrator Pasword no longer works

    I am trying to log on to the Administrator section of our forum and the assigned password is no longer working. Nobody on our side has changed the password and the e-mail reset is not working as we are not receiving e-mail to reset it.
  2. nanocode

    Unmaintained [n] Template Security 1.1.0

    Enhance the security on your site using this very basic add-on. There has been a surprising increase in malicious attacks to XenForo sites through injection of malicious code into your templates. Limiting the access of all templates to yourself and a small handful may not always be a...
  3. Scott A Dennison

    XF 1.4 Admin Login has stopped working

    I've been working with a tech team to set up and configure XenForo to which access is controlled by aMember. Until today I've had no issues logging into the admin area - completely outside of the membership script. I'm not aware of any changes made to XenForo admin rights, but my email and...