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Unmaintained How to Install an Addon

Step by step how to get those juicy addons!

  1. Morgain
    Developers make beautiful mods for us. But some are accustomed to thinking on a high level so their instructions on how to get the add-on working do not include the very basic steps many of us need. So I made this little guide.

    Originally a thread in a forum...
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Recent Reviews

  1. Vicki
    Wanted to leave a review a few weeks ago when I was trying to install my first add-on, but I didn't know how to find the 'review' button/field until today - you have to rate it first, then the review text field appears:). Very few people could provide the same level of details as you've provided here in this tut/guide. Thanks a lot for making such diligent effort in writing this guide. It's been very helpful!
  2. ip0dhacker
    Nice post