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Unmaintained Tweak Baby

Safely alter small bits of code

  1. Morgain
    This tutorial is mainly for admins new or newish to making code alterations with "snippets" - bits of code provided by the more experienced in advice threads here. BUT the same rules apply for more complicated changes too. So don't be too proud to check if there's a useful detail here for you to keep things safe.

    To start making changes go to...
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Recent Reviews

  1. adwade
    Perfect information for the newbie, with insightful TIPS like Always keep a LOG of your individual changes…or else, you will SURELY wish you had! Tips 1 (LOG), 5 (SAFETY) and 10 (LABEL) are VERY beneficial to a non-coder who is experimenting with code snippets.
  2. florencia
    thank you
  3. web09
    Great help, should be required reading if you are new!
  4. DRE
    Really good tututorial